Chop chop

So, remember dating activities? I had like, 23 you could do while you were on a date with a guy. Well, that’s a lot of dialogue, and that’s a lot of stuff to work out.

Which is why I’ve decided to chop it down to four. Yes, only four. These will only induce the regular questions you can ask them, and nothing else. The four activities you can do are:

1. Diner
2. Watch sunset
3. Love Hill
4. Sleep over

You can start going on dates when the bachelor reaches the 2nd heart level, and only 1 dating activity will be opened up. This is the first one; eat at the diner. You will only be able to unlock the first 5 questions, before it recycles again. When they are at the 3rd heart level, you unlock the ‘watch sunset’ activity. These will unlock the next 5 questions you can ask him before everything gets recycled again. The 4th heart level unlocks ‘Love Hill’ which gives you another 6 questions, and the last heart level unlocks ‘sleep over’ (only at your place), and gives you the last batch of questions you can ask him.

You do not need to be at a certain location to get all the questions. For example, if you are at a red heart level, you can still unlock all the questions by watching the sunset.

If you are at BFF status, you unlock different questions, and you cannot do anything else but eat at the diner and watch the sunset.

It’s a lot less, but I can actually make this work and get it done, and that’s what’s important.

Also, on a completely random note, if I ever get to the point of Tailor Tales 2, this would probably be the artstyle I’m going to use, just to shut everyone up about bachelors looking like kids.

36 thoughts on “Chop chop

    • Why do people keep saying this? She takes breaks from working on the game, long breaks. Why people can’t get that through their thick skulls, I don’t know. She has stated it herself, so she does not get too bored of doing it and can eventually come back to it. She said herself it would probably take a few years to even complete when she started this.

  1. I have a little question I just thought of.. will there be cheat codes for this? I don’t actually know much about the program, therefore how hard it would be to do.. just a thought that popped up. I don’t mind either way, since this is similar to Harvest Moon, I’d rather it not have any, or maybe have them harder to achieve since it sucks the fun out to cheat your way through these types of games.

  2. I miss the frequent updates. I hope the project hasn’t gone to waste because I’ve been watching it’s progress for over a year. :(

  3. i luv your posts n i have been stalking this site for the past few yrs. waiting patiently :3 n damn am i the only one but the new batchlors u can go after in the possible next game r HOT heheheh yesh im weird

  4. I really hope more will be done on this game soon, it looks awesome! I’ll continue to wait patiently but I really can’t wait to see where this project is going ^-^

  5. I love the idea of this game :)
    I will definitely play it when it comes out
    (whenever that might be. Let’s hope it’s released before i die. *hint hint* *nudge nudge*)

    btw, I TOTALLY support a troll game!

  6. When is the next demo? I don’t mind if it’s a long time before the next demo, but I would like to play it.

    • If you mean the Demo, Celi is working on it right now, but its not even half done, so It will take a while, If you mean the Beta, you’re not allowed to play it only for fun. Celi only releases betas if she needs someone to test new fetures in the game.

  7. that’s ok! ^-^ it would have taken you FOREVER to write all of that dialogue anyway… (although i miss the personal events…) keep up the good work!

  8. I like both of your styles so if it ever gets to tailor tales 2 i will be more than happy about it ^^, downsizing isnt always a bad thing either way im looking forward to it

  9. Mm, that new style… It looks hard, though. But if you can make it work, props to you!
    Actually, I prefer less events :P. Thanks, Celianna! Because too much of a choice can be bad too. I wanna explore every crevice of the game, so…yeah! Can’t wait for the next update.

    And, what are you planning for Tailor Tales 2 :D?

  10. Understandable. Sometimes you gotta downsize. Hey, we never know, there may be time to stick some more stuff in there now because of this. Also, anyone who thinks the bachelors look like children clearly don’t watch enough anime or read enough manga. Oi. Though I have to admit the other art style is full of win too.

  11. Oh, so no more pervent pottery or is it gonna be heart event?
    4 is good, but I kinda liked when each barchelor had at least one personal activity with you. But then again, it’s your game.
    But have nice late spring and summer, whenever you are enjoying vacation or not.

  12. I like this style and the new style so both will be good for me! Also, I don’t mind only having dating activities because 23 seemed to be alot, anyway.

  13. The bachelors look like kids? Huh, news to me! I actually always liked the way they looked, but each to their own, I suppose. Anyway, whilst I am sad to see the loss of so many activities, I’m ecstatic to see you working on this and having you feel that it is something that you can do without coming unglued! I’m sure you’ll do a great job with this game, no matter what decisions you decide to make. And don’t forget, nothing is impossible until you think it is. Within reasonable limits, of course.

    Have a great day!

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