Just thinking

To clear things up right away: yes TT is still on hiatus. That won’t be changing anytime soon when 1. I am working to get money and 2. what free time I do have I do not spend working more >_>

Anyways, I was wondering if I should scratch the entire Affection Mode system. I’ve done a lot to it already, mainly setting up a backbone, but it’s not as if it’s finished. It’s just a mountain load of work left to do. So I was thinking about simplifying it, so that I can actually have a reachable goal of completing it.

I am not sure how I’d simplify it, but I want it to be more fluid and integrated into conversation. So perhaps when you’re on a date and the bachelor follows you around, you can talk to him, and then choose to touch him, without going into AM for that. How I want to add this touching, that’s something I’ll have to come up with (probably a simplified menu to choose actions), but I guess less is more and it applies to games as well.

It would feel more natural too, to touch the bachelor as he’s talking to you. Which is something I had come up with years ago, but scratched it. But you can only do it during dates. I guess you can lure him into your (or his) bedroom if you want to go for sexytimes. And if there’s someone else in the room and you try to be too intimate … hilarious results will follow. Hmm, yeah, sounds good to me.

And here’s a random sketch of Eddie I had lying around. He certainly ended up looking like Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon … though Eddie was created before I saw that movie.

16 thoughts on “Just thinking

  1. Hey Are you still working on this? :3 It seems really cute and it totally reminds me of the games I used to play alot when I was younger (Harvest Moon -.<
    I'll look into this more in the next coming days~ <3! And uhmm.. I love how you make clothes and then have to sell them by putting them on show in your shop.. *-* So.. much.. cuteness in this game~

  2. Cel, do you have another Worpress or blog that you usually post up your graphic and arts?

    I’m a big fan and wanted to see more of your art creativity! :)

  3. Hello Celianna! Merry Christmas~ Happy Holidays~ Whatever floats your boat. :) Hope all is going well for you -Cheers- don’t overwork yourself, glad to hear that you aren’t spending your free time doing something else that is probably also quite stressful, I know I wouldn’t, haha.

  4. Romance is great, don’t get me wrong and it definitely adds more to the game but making it simple is probably the best route as this game’s primary focus is building friendships and tailoring (I’m assuming). I’m not sure if you have decided on the end goal of the game yet, but it could be to make clothing and such for royalty which could in turn give you access to more materials to make new things. Being renowned in the game you play is really rewarding in that sense. You could have your relationships effect your gameplay as well. Different scenarios where people want certain clothing on certain seasons. Just tossing some ideas out there that you might not have thought about.

    • You must not have read much about Tailor Tales, as romance is the main gameplay. Dating and building a romantic relationship with the bachelor of your choice is the main goal of the game. Tailoring comes in second place.

      But thanks for the ideas (though I’m set on those already).

  5. Hmm…. It sounds cool! ^-^ It makes more sense too… Aww Eddie’s cute! ^-^ I’m glad I decided to check up on Tailor tales today and not before. I can’t believe this was written yesterday! :D Anyways, good work so far.

  6. Qusestion about Affection Mode: How explicit will it be? Will it be full on hentai, will it be very mild, or will it be nothing but a black screen and suggestive text?

    • Well, the ones I had before, you could perform about 86 unique moves, and probably the most sexualized one would be biting their nipples. The scene fades to black if genitals are involved (which are cut out of screen).

      The newer one would be similar.

  7. Honestly I was never a huge fan of the affection system itself, and I like the idea of it being simplified a lot better. :)

    As for Eddie looking like Hiccup… that’s not a bad thing! Hehehe he’s cute <3

    It's also good to hear from you Celianna! ^^-

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