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This has nothing to do with Tailor Tales, though it’s slightly related.

So the reason people want to play Tailor Tales is because they want to date virtual boys, correct? Of course there can be more reasons, but that is the primary reason. Considering I’ve said from the very start this won’t ever be completed, and currently it’s hiatus, I’m wondering if there’s another way I can accomplish this.

I’ve been recently getting into roleplay, and I’m playing this romantic line, and it’s just so sweet, and even better than any of the dating games I’ve played.

Which is why an idea popped up in my head. How about an elaborate Harvest Moon roleplay? Most Tailor Tales fans are also Harvest Moon fans, so they’d fit right in. There are some active Harvest Moon games out there already, I know that. But hey, I can make it much more invested (being an artist and all), and can attract a crowd.

Roleplaying is done by taking on a character (say Claire from Harvest Moon), and then writing with another player (who also has a character, say Jack). You write what your character is doing, and they write what their character is doing, and then you just keep writing in turns to create a story. A lot of roleplaying is done to create romantic plots between characters, so in essence, a responsive dating game.

I’d host the game on LiveJournal, it’s easiest to manage, and people can have journals of their characters and even comment in-character on other character journals. Obviously everything hinges on the players, so I was wondering if people would be interested in this.

I would have a few ideas for the game, such as earning a weekly amount of money from your current job, and then being able to buy upgrades for your house with this. Your house will be an image I create, since I have created (and still can) all these cute resources that would fit right in. This would attract a lot of players :)

Though I’m sure a lot of people would want to play their OCs (original character), and that can get quite messy (I would not tolerate Mary-Sues or self inserts). So which one would you play? Your own character, or one from the Harvest Moon universe such as Nami, Gray, Jack etc.

Note: I want to attract people who have never roleplayed before, instead of veterans of the roleplaying scene, hence why I’m posting it here.

25 thoughts on “Off topic question

  1. This is a very interesting idea! I would be very excited to join in this roleplaying community, once it does get set up. I am a roleplaying veteran myself, having been roleplaying for close to ten years now.
    I’m wondering something, though; can we reserve characters? As in, the harvest moon characters? Also, how would we explain the similarities between two characters appearances (i.e: grey and blue)? Would we just say they are twins, or something? Oh, if we can reserve characters, might I be able to offer up my reservation of Pete (Jack; the main character of the HM series)?

    • As for characters that look alike, it shouldn’t be a huge problem. Blue and Gray still look pretty different from each other, eve if it’s just their clothes.

      As for reserves, I’m not going to take up reserves. The game is still just an idea, I haven’t actually done anything. That, and I hate reserves – first come first serve!

  2. Oooh. I get it! =D Thanks for explaining it to me~ ^^ This is probably the last question..

    Whats a Mary-Sue? o3o

    • There are tons of sites out there that offer information about Mary-sue, so I suggest doing some googling. In a nutshell, it’s a glorified self-insert that charms anyone they meet and seem to be good at everything.

  3. I have been roleplaying for about 10 years now, also live action, so this to me is a great idea. I am currently involved in a harvest moon rp, which i find very fun. I definitely think you are onto something with this. Harvest Moon has been a favorite of mine since the first release, something I can go totally nerd over.

    • Ah, a roleplaying veteran :)

      What game are you playing right now? I’ve seen a few Harvest Moon Tumblr games, but that’s about it. It seems like most are hidden away on forums that I’ve never heard of.

  4. well… I still play harvest moon cute and made it to the 30 year but how do you water your plants on bad weather? I still covered the whole valley with grass but i can’t plant anywhere else.?!

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun~! =D I wouldn’t mind playing either an existing character from one of the Harvest Moon games or my own OC, but I would prefer to play my own because I’m afraid I won’t be able to grasp an existing characters personality properly.. Um, so I have a few questions if you don’t mind answering.. “Blush”

    For the role-playing, you said that you could gain weekly wages to purchase upgrades for your house and etc. Will that all be written? o3o Like, how does it work..? :S

    If we chose to play as an OC, (I probably will..) How will everyone else know how your OC’s looks or his/her personality? Do we draw, or maybe describe it?

    Anyone can join the RP right..? (I’m not exactly just starting RPing, but I don’t do it daily.. I’d love to join though. c: )

    Can we play as more then one person? Like, not 5 or anything, but maybe one or two?

    And finally, do you have maybe.. Like.. A date where this will be open..?

    Thank you for taking your time to read this. c: -^^- I’m sorry if I asked anything that was already mentioned or answered.. :S

    • I’m still figuring out how to go about this, but I think in the end, I will just end up presenting graphics of different houses, different furniture, different wallpaper etc. in one giant post. People will comment on that post, and say which one they want to buy (each item will have a price). I will assemble their house together in another graphic.

      Then every week, or two weeks, the character gets some gold from working or doing odd jobs. Still trying to figure out how I’m going to do this, but it won’t be too hard to figure out.

      If people were to join with an OC … I would only allow them to play the Harvest Moon main characters (Jack, Claire etc. these are just empty shells), so there will be no reason to describe what they look like. It will be purely a personality thing. I want to avoid entire OCs.

      I would make a rule where you can play two character: one male, and one female. Though I might let someone ‘buy’ another character with their earned gold, who knows.

      Don’t have a date yet, sorry! It’s still just an idea in the works :)

      • Oooh! I see~! C: You could have the amount of gold and a little sprite of the purchased house in a corner of each person’s text box! :o

        Will it sorta be like a server? Like umm. Lets say there was Claire and Gray (just because I like them best~ c: ) and one week passes by in the game, do you manage the chat or state that each character got how much money? Example: Claire gained 100 gold this week! Or do you just add the funds into that persons entire sum?

        Oh okay, so personalities don’t matter when playing an existing character? =D Too bad about the OC’s though.. I didn’t make her overly nice, or rich or anything. I tend to balance my characters out and make them somewhat fair while maintaining their personality close to mine.

        That makes sense, but could you have.. Um, two girls or two boys instead of one of each? o3o And I’m assuming that.. The two characters you chose to play as live in different houses and work independently..?

        Thatch okay! It’s a really good idea and has a lot of potential! <3 C:

        • Yes, something like that. The earning of gold coins would be separated from the actual writing though. So look at it as a mini-game.

          I would use Livejournal to run the game, and everyone would create a journal for their character that they can post with (journal roleplay is probably the easiest way to roleplay). I would, perhaps bi-weekly, make a post how much someone has earned those two weeks (this can be varied each week), and the person has to reply to that post to pick up their paycheck (to avoid inactive members getting rich by doing nothing). Each character would get paid, so it’s not per player.

          Ah no, you misunderstood me. Personalities of canon character do matter. So Gray cannot be an OC. However, the main character, Claire, can be an OC in terms of personality. She is meant to represent the player after all. As long as it’s not a self-insert, it’d be fine :P

          Nah, I thought about it, and it makes sense to equally divide the genders. You and I both know that the Harvest Moon fanbase mostly consists of girls who like the game because they can date guys. Which means people signing up for the roleplay are most likely searching for a male character to have a romantic relationship with for their character. This is fine, I’m counting on this. However, if only girl characters were available, there’d be no guys! So I’m trying to create a balanced amount of characters, both male and female. These two characters can be anyone you want, and they’re both independent from each other (each earning gold, and each living in a different house, unless you want them to live together for some reason). In fact, I highly encourage picking out two characters who would never interact with each other, because roleplaying with yourself is boring.

          • Oh.. Okay. C:

            So you’ll write who earned what on a journal, and each person must pick up the money. Will you delete accounts that are inactive for a certain amount of time? Unless they say that their going away or something? o3o

            Umm.. *scratches her head* So, the main character, in this case, Claire, can be slightly OC, but the second character cannot? o3o Sorry if that’s not the explanation you want to get across.. Dx

            Oh I see! :o Thats true..

            Thank you for answering most of my questions~! C: -^^-

            • Yes, I would add some rules on how long one can remain inactive. If you haven’t done anything in a month, I will contact you and see what’s up. If I don’t get a response, you’ll get removed. But I’d rather people just announce they go on hiatus. No one wants an inactive members :(

              Well, the main characters of Harvest Moon, meaning the playable ones, are all devoid of a personality. They don’t ever talk. With the exception of the ones in Island of Happiness. They’re supposed to represent the player, so feel free to make up a personality for them. But for people like Gray, Mary, Ann etc. all of these have established personalities that you should uphold to. I would rather someone pick out a canon character than go for a main character though. OCs tend to mostly be self-inserts or Mary-Sues, and I l’d like to avoid that. I won’t ban OCs though.

              If you’ve got anymore questions, feel free to ask! ^_^

          • “You and I both know that the Harvest Moon fanbase mostly consists of girls who like the game because they can date guys.”

            What! :c That’s not true, I know many many male players that have played Harvest Moon and became a fanatic of it because of it’s really awesome simulation gameplay.. Farming ftw xD Mreow, I can’t wait when this gets started~ I feel like rollplaying again~ The only thing that sucks is that I’m european and I guess that most players here will be american, therefore our times will be different and I won’t be able to rollplay so well~ Or I don’t know.. I haven’t rollplayed alot, only a few times on 3-4 forums/chats …

  6. I have never, ever roleplayed, but I’ve always been curious about it.
    I haven’t played many Harvest Moon games either (the only one I played being the “Save the Homeland” one on PS2).
    Your ideas sound really good, though. I’d consider giving it a go (:

    • It’s actually not that scary to start roleplaying! You just need some guidance and help from other players, and then it’ll be tons of fun :)

      I suggest playing some of the handheld Harvest Moon games, they’re lots of fun. Probably Harvest Moon DS Cute and Harvest Moon Island of Happiness are the most popular ones. Or go for the classic Friends of Mineral Town one.

  7. Wow, um… What is roleplay?
    It sounds interesting, like a cross-blog activity, or actual roleplay in theatre, except in written online communication…I think? Well, it would attract a lot of (fanfiction) writers like myself (I keep everything PG or <M though, nothing TOO raunchy). It's really nice to hear that something like this exists! It offers a lot of social and creative opportunity.
    In this roleplay event, are multiple people allowed to play the same character? …well, I'm going to Google what this is and see it's worth.

    • Roleplaying can sound a bit confusing for a beginner, but in this case, I am talking about journal roleplay. It’s entirely written out. You take on a character (or another, if it’s allowed), and then write with other players, who also each have their own character. Writing is done through using said journal (on, or through another means such as e-mail, PM, or Skype etc.

      No one can control your character, only you can. It’s strictly forbidden to control another person’s character.

      But yes, it does appeal to a lot of fanfiction writers, it’s loads more fun than writing a story by yourself :)

      If I’d start a game, I would create a beginner’s guide to roleplay so that newcomers won’t be confused, or scared off on joining the game. I know loads of people who have always been interested in roleplay, but that kind of stuff is never written down anywhere! You just kind of have to join blind and ask other players on how to play, which can be daunting, and even turn people away from joining. I’d hope to have lots of newbies join and play :)

  8. @.@ Rollplay.. I’m bad at it .. >..<).. I would prefer to play as myself.. Since I'm learning to become a pastry-chef, I would be a baker apprentice in the rollplay or something.. :3
    Well, I believe that many people would be interested in this idea.. :O
    Btw, so the game was mainly meant to dating? ;_; And I was getting so excited at the youtube video when you were showing how to create clothes and put them in the shop… I was like… *_* X3 *big simulation fan, hence big harvestmoon fan too* <3 !

      • Sorry, I don’t give out my contact info like that.

        But yup, Tailor Tales is mainly about dating, with the tailoring coming second. But perhaps I could incorporate simulation elements in the roleplay itself.

  9. That is a really good idea! Personally I wouldn’t mind playing OCs or Harvest Moon characters. But I think if you were going to let people play canon characters, you should choose a certain Harvest Moon game. If you let people be characters from Two Towns, Island of Happiness, Mineral Town, Magic Melody, Wonderful Life, etc, it’ll get messy.

    • Yeah I was thinking about limiting the games. For example I would not include the Runes factory games, nor the Innocent Life one. Mostly just focus on the popular ones, like Mineral Town, Island of Happiness, DS, etc. Perhaps limit to the handheld games mostly.

      Either way, the entire backstory of these canon character would be changed up to allow them to all live in one village, so multiple characters are welcomed, and also kind of necessary. But yes, not every single game.

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