Romance elements

Thinking of starting an entire new project, with new characters, new art, new gameplay etc. etc. I’m such a terrible person, wanting to hop over to something shiny and new.

But I guess it’s better than not doing anything Tailor Tales related at all, no?

I’ve been thinking a bit about the clear differences of dating games and visual novels with romantic elements. In this case, you could compare Tokimeki Girl’s side VS Hakuoki. The former is strictly a dating game with stat raising elements. The latter is a visual novel that gives you a few choices to make as the plot progresses.

Then there’s Harvest Moon, which barely focuses on the aspect of dating, but does give you the freedom to do whatever you want (including ignoring the entire part).

So as someone who enjoys romance, and wants to date people – which of the styles appeal to you the most?


You can go on dates with the guy of your choice, and are also able to touch them.


You follow a storyline that is influenced by your choices, you might end up romantically with one of the characters.

Harvest Moon?

Give gifts to guys and to gradually make them like you more. You are able to do more than just date, and walk around.

There’s something to enjoy in all three, in my opinion. I like the plot in visual novels, but I hate that’s all there is to do. I like dating games to touch people and get to know them, but aside from dates, there’s not much else to do. I like the open world and being able to walk around and go inside houses and talk to other people besides guys, but this ends up diminishing the romance aspect.

Tailor Tales, as it stands now, is a mix of an open world + dating game. I realize that the open world part is actually quite a difficult task to achieve, so I’m reconsidering my tactics.

9 thoughts on “Romance elements

  1. Hm…wow it is a hard choice honestly. I believe, like others have said, I have played all 3 types and they have their pros and cons. But of course the winner here for me personally will be something open world, like harvest moon or this game. As much as I love dating games my biggest, BIGGEST, issue I have with them are the girls are idiots. As much as I love Hakuoki for the guys and pretty different story (for a dating game) the girl was a plain idiot, always crying and all of her talks were either, I’m useless or he doesn’t care. As well as always falling into that damsel in distress and traditional female role. It’s okay to have faults and inner issues but that was all she even talked about. And in most dating games the person you control is…an idiot. Don’t even get me started on dating games with an M rating, they down right humiliate the girl but she still loves the guy. My biggest issue is that we mostly play to know the guys so they make the person supposed to be us a blank slate, but its a dating game, so their needs to be dialogue. So usually while the guys are emotional and have deep background, the girl (or guy) does not and it gets annoying after a while. What I love about open world games is that you are this silent character and you have control of it and as such have your own views of a character you are going for. And also I like a game where I do have others goals and have the choice to date or not (but I usually will). You have the ability to do things with this person and not just pick a choice and depending on the game it really impacts a relationship. It all depends on your mood really and all 3 different games are great to suit certain moods :3 No matter what I’ll keep playing them xD

  2. Well harvest moon has its appeal, I like it with a combination of dating game as long choices seriously affect the game play, so I guess I like a combination of all three, in reality. But an opoen world lesves more options for players to choose or not to choose things like romance and thus I believe it;s the most versatile. But yeah, harvest moon romance is poor because of underdevloped characters. Ss long as charscters have personalities, I think anything can be good. Visual novel by itself can be kind of boring, though. good luck with your porjects.

  3. Ah..I’ve come to really love all three types here.. Well lets see..I have to agree with you on Tokimeki, nothing else to do but date.. and on top of that, the choices kind of really lack a certain.. umph. Almost like I don’t have control over the heroine other than her stat raising and date choice… actually, that IS pretty much it. Still, I love the series and all the little quirks. Putting that in third-place… next would be Harvest Moon style gosh, I love HM like no other.. and yet, when I do play for the romance aspect, whenever I’m just in the mood for doesn’t do me much good. I love controlling my character, exploring, and now customization with the latest game, yet I feel like all the characters are at an arms length.. waiting..waiting for heart requirements, gifting so many times, putting hours upon hours into a romantic interest to only get PG time with them, haha… while I don’t mean HM should have sexual content, I wish they’d step it up a bit.. I think they did a bit in ANB, just not enough to satisfy my high standards, haha. This brings me to my favorite being Visual Novel style games… I’m a more story oriented person to begin with, but in a VN I feel like I can connect with characters on a much deeper level than the previous. I don’t have to wait or stat raise to get to know the people, and there is the added benefit of having a USUALLY good story line along with it..mystery romance? Mmmmm…. Yes though, no control over the character is an issue as well.. ah well. None are perfect, but I love them all. Now if only I could find a game that had elements of a VN and harvest moon.. then I’d be in business! None the less, good luck with Tailor Tales. :) Something new you said.. you think you’ll act on that little desire? Or will you continue TT? I wonder~

  4. Unfortunately, I’m into the last option. Harvest Moon has its appeal because it requires so much time and love to create, plus many more options than a dating simulation.
    Since I no that would be a hard task to achieve, I’m not going to expect much… :)

  5. Mh @_@ The most… Appealing would be an open world to me, like Tailor Tales :3 The Dating games does seems interesting tho.. ;_; But these two are hard games to create compared to Visual Novel.. I mean, Visual Novel sure, can be a ton of work.. Since it’s basically only text and choices to choose over.. I’ve played some Eroges befor hihi >:3 xD Not so my case~ I have played Dating Simulation games too tho.. Alot of them actually.. Like even Sim Dating flashgames all over teh web xD… Ohwell.. They are all so different styles.. x.x I wanna read what the others are going to say to this~

    • Hehe, same here. I’ve played almost anything I could get my hands on online. I think Tokimeki is the game I like most, but I also gravitate towards Harvest Moon because I like how I can control my character and do whatever I want.

  6. This is hard for me to decide because I actually love all the games, and have them all. So its kind of an inner war, but I would have to say Harvest Moon. I tried your demo and I love how your characters had more personalities than that of some harvest moon characters.

    • Demo? Tailor Tales never had a demo. I’ve released a few betas for people to try out, but none had ever included dialogue for any of the bachelors, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

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