In which I seriously consider a new project

So I’ve been thinking a lot, with Tailor Tales on hiatus, I feel the urge to somehow continue anyway. Call it a side-project other than Tailor Tales. It will be a lot less complicated than Tailor Tales, no open world, no walking around giving gifts, no making clothes – just date some (new) boys.

Yeah, I think I might do it, but who knows.

On a side note, let me pimp out this cute visual novel that I just played. It’s called Summer Found Me and it’s pretty cute. Try it out!

7 thoughts on “In which I seriously consider a new project

  1. Might be a silly question, but have you ever considered doing a dress up-ish sort of game? They’re relatively easy to do in flash which leaves more time for designing clothes, I’d enjoy something like that with the Tailor Tales characters myself :D

  2. Please update soon. I know you’re probably not working on tailor tales, but I’d still like to know what’s going on with it. Thank you~ ^-^

  3. If you ever go back to TT… Why not consider Kickstarter as an option? I think you would have many supporters with Kickstarter.. x3
    But a side-project could also be fun :3 Tell us more about what you had in mind! >:o

  4. Hiya!!
    I am your stalker who recently decided to appear. And by recently I mean at this moment in time which in I’m writing this comment.
    Awesome art on TT, by the way, plus the whole project is just astounding to me, really.
    Now, back to the topic, it’s cool that your gonna do something while TT is on hiatus, but get back to it fast, pretty please?
    Or at least have someone like James on your new project?
    Obviously, I love James in your game mostly ’cause I act like him a lot (only I’m less blunt, and I have lots of romantic bones in my body.), plus he’s adorable<3
    Okay… nothing more to say now. Ba-bye!

  5. I know that TT is still on hiatus, but please please please put more attention to it than of your new projects. Because I have been looking forward to it since 2011. I’ve been on your blog. And now, its 2013 it has been 3 years. Say, will you be able to finish it this year? Cause I really really want you to. I don’t want TT to be like Pretty Ore, that has been dropped because of (maybe) the people who criticize and imitate your works. But until then, just please (I’m not commanding you or anything) do finish Tailor Tales FIRST. Thank you! Supporting you from neoseeker and from the PHILIPPINES. :)

  6. New side project huh? Sounds interesting enough. :) I can imagine the urge to do SOMETHING at least even if TT is on hiatus. Either way you’ve got my support~ I also played Summer Found Me awhile back, I like it too, very cute!

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