Off topic: New graphics

Speaking of making your own project, what I am currently working on that is taking up all my time, is a resource pack for RPG Maker. It will be sold through the RPG Maker Web store, the price I’m still unclear about, but probably around $15.

To those not familiar with the term; a resource pack, is a pack that contains graphics of a certain theme, and you can use it to create your own game.

My previous pack, the Futuristic Tiles, I didn’t particularly like to make, but hey, it’s money. So now I’m working on something that I actually like, and I think loads of people want as well.

They’re farm tiles.

It will include all the things you need to make your own farming game – and even life/dating simulation game. From animals, to crops, to mineral ores, to trees, to furniture, to characters. It will all be included. For those that love Harvest Moon, or dating games, will probably love to have this resource pack as well, since you can create your own game with it (provided you’re using RPG Maker).

ETA will probably be late June, or August – though I can always take longer if I want to add more graphics to it.

Here’s a small sneak preview of what it’s looking like so far:

If you want to be kept up-to-date on this resource pack, you can follow my personal blog.

6 thoughts on “Off topic: New graphics

  1. This is very cool!! Looking forward to it! But just wondering, will there be a Non-RM license too? (I surely hope so)

  2. Ooh! They’re lovely looking so far. What’s your ETA on the pack? Or is it still to early to say?

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