Tailor Tales fans…

I never really understood just how popular Tailor Tales had gotten, how much word has gotten out of it, how many people knew about it.

And it’s not even finished – I only had a few betas out, and right now it’s on hiatus.

But seeing people try to make copies of Tailor Tales, lifting mechanics directly from my project, using only my own resources (resources I don’t even host anymore because they’re so old!), it’s really odd. And weird. And it kind of creeps me out because it’s super obvious what it is a clone of.

I know copying is a form of flattery, but when taken to the extreme (in another case, a person is completely emulating my own personal avatar/signature on the forums), it’s just freaky.

I encourage people to make projects, and that essentially, copying from projects that inspire you is what we all do – but try to not make a Tailor Tales 2.0, make your own project :)

4 thoughts on “Tailor Tales fans…

  1. Gotta agree w/Nicole. Cloning a good game idea has been going on since the invention of games. So, if you think it’s creepy that people are cloning your idea, I wonder how the guy who made Harvest Moon feels. Don’t worry so much.

  2. People are impatient, but at the same time you should think of it as people really want your game and since your not doing it, they want to fill up that need.

    • I’d rather they just make something unique of their own! Seeing fangames of my not even completed game just gets creepy … some of these people worship the ground I walk on, and it’s pretty insane sometimes.

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