Oh man, working on this commercial spriteset has me thinking …

Maaaaaaybe. Maybe I’ll convert to this style when I’m finished. For one, it’s super easy to make them in this style (it is NOT pixelart so it takes a lot less time to complete a sprite), also I’m liking these a lot more than the original Tailor Tales ones.

So perhaps I might switch! It’s not like I already completed a lot of sprites for the characters. Oh. Wait. I forgot. The outfits. Riiiight. Then again, with this style, I might be able to create a fuckton of different outfits for the player, which makes everyone happy, no?

14 thoughts on “Sprites!

  1. I don’t know, there’s just something about those top sprites……….

    Maybe it’s due to the fact that they don’t have prominent noses. :p (Wait… The old ones don’t have prominent noses either! XD) Or maybe it’s because they’re not outlined……. They’re not QUITE as cute. And they have slightly watered down colors…… I’m into intense colors, like on the older sprites. Maybe it’s because the eyes are a little farther apart???

    I don’t know. The new sprites look like they’re higher quality (or something), but the old sprites still have so much apeal.. It’s your decision and it doesn’t make the game look bad at all. :p It’s just when you compare the new sprites to the old sprites side by that favoritism starts to come into play. I think that the new sprites look really cute in their own way and will look awesome in Tailor Tales. Great work! ^-^

  2. The top are okay. They’re not really appealing in my opinion.

    Bottom one hands down, but I guess either way should work.

  3. Celianna, if you’re still working on this I’d love to be your backup spriter. I’ve got talent, but too much time on my hands it seems.

  4. To be honest I wouldn’t mind the top at all. They do remind me of most Nintendo sprites, the bottom sprite bases seems a little but feminie the way their hands go out and their feet comes together, I don’t know… Probably me being… Me.

  5. Even if you provide more outfits if we picked the new style.. Doesn’t really make me happier.. So no..


  6. To be completely honest the ones on the bottom are the cutest! I’ve loved these sprites ever since you changed them. It’s be really sad for me if this was scrapped..
    The newer ones.. Hmm they look more cold.. The ones on the bottom are warm and adorable but the ones on the top look more cold and harsh. They’re nice but I would lose interest to play if the new ones are kept.. I’m sorry if it offends! I truly don’t mean to! Ive been following your updates since the beginning of time and It’s just strictly my opinion and you’re the creator and you should do what is best for your game. Great work though my dear!

  7. The bottom sprites in my opinion look visually more appealing… I’m not sure why, but the style of them looks better than the top sprites.
    I find the faces and eyes on the new ones look kind of funky and peculiar looking for some reason…
    They are not terrible it’s just not as great looking as the old ones. The more I look at the top ones … it kind of looks like you’re viewing them from an overhead view, and the way their eyes look it’s as if they are looking down. While the old sprites look like they are just staring straight ahead (and thus it appears more natural).
    Sorry, I’m not trying to come off as rude or anything… I just wanted to state what I thought.
    Keep up the great work though! ^^

    • My original sprites (the ones that stare straight ahead) are actually incorrect as they DO need to have an ‘overhead’ view (like the new ones have), because that’s the perspective of the entire game. The old ones don’t fit in with that perspective, the new ones however, do. So what you think is a bad thing, is actually a good thing :)

  8. I like the bottom sprites. They’re more adorable.
    It’s nice to see that you’re still updating. =)

  9. Haha! It’s not like you’ve already completely redone the art style of the game already either. ;)

    • That’s the thing with projects that take so long to complete; you just wanna improve all your previous artwork. It’s an endless cycle :(

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