I’ve been a bit addicted to some visual novels lately (they’re pretty crappy, but hey I can’t complain, the Voltage Inc. games are in ENGLISH), and I realized, a consistent storyline involving one of the characters is pretty important.

Because after all, who in the world actually liked the fact that characters in Harvest Moon would say the same thing every single day? No one. Not a single soul. We want progress, we want dialogue, we want stuff to happen. We want to connect to the characters and form a believable bond – and you can’t do that unless the character’s dialogue continuously changes according to your standing with them, and their surroundings.

So, I’ve decided to NOT make the bachelors say something different each day in Tailor Tales. Instead, each time you talk to them (and based on his relationship points with you), you will get to have an actual conversation, which will continue the next time you talk to him again. Basically, you’ll be following his storyline. At specific locations, other characters might join in on the conversation. No, not every single time you talk to them you’ll progress his storyline, you still need to heed to the required relationship points to advance, and sometimes you need to be in a specific location to trigger it. If you don’t trigger it, you’ll get regular standard dialogue.

Think of them as heart events in Harvest Moon, except there will be a lot of them and the conversations will be longer and have more substance.

This way, I can still combine the ‘visual novel’ style with the ‘open world’ style.

Of course, only bachelors will get this kind of treatment.

This will definitely require an overhaul of my dialogue system.

5 thoughts on “Storylines

  1. I love it! I wanted to do a little otome before my husband and I joined forces on our current project. Luckily, I convinced him to maintain a relationship point system between the mc and the two girls.

  2. Hey Celianna, glad to see that you’re continuing this. Though I wouldn’t blame you (too much) even if you did dropped it. Seems like such as huge project to do! Just know that you still have fans about this. Hopefully not too rabid ones, but I suppose that’s not something you can control. VN are another genre of games that I’m hugely into (Doppelganger Dawn of the inverted Soul, Jisei, Yousei, Kansei, Ever 17, Cinders, Cafe 0 The Drowned Mermaid, etc…) so you can understand how psyched I am to hear that you’re gonna make Tailor Tales somewhat similar to it. The more story, the better, I say. The most important thing is… keep having fun!

  3. Hey, there! It’s great to see you hadn’t dropped this project! I haven’t checked since the hiatus post, because of…life.
    Anyways, I love this overhaul idea! Wait, here, take some coffee and chocolate (who knows how tiring/long this may take). This is what will really make it “your” game though. It’s gonna totally individualize it and set it apart from others (it was already semi-set apart, but this is the cherry to that).
    Also, I know it was a different post, but I’m glad you’ve found a sprite style that is easier. Fans may miss the old style, but the new style actually reminds me of Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns. And cutting on character design time will give more time for the important things in Tailor Tales.
    I’m so glad your back! I hope you’re enjoying summer, as well.

  4. I love the idea Celianna! Thank you for putting so much thought into this and as a fan, I am very excited for your game! Keep up the great work! :)

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