I wanna make a game with this, hah

In case you didn’t know, I’m currently working on a resource pack for RPG Maker VX Ace (this is why I’m not working on any other projects), and the more I work on it … the more I want to create a game with it!

So far it’s got all the graphics you need to create your Harvest Moon rip-off with a lot of dating elements. Hell, you could even ditch all the farming stuff, and make a school dating game (yes, there are school graphics + uniforms available). The only thing missing are the portraits for the sprites, which I’ll create as an add-on later.

So I’m just going to pimp out my stuff right now, and hope that maybe someone out there is actually interested in buying it (I’d seriously play the hell out of your game if you did buy it). Screenies!

No interior screens just yet because I still need to finish them up. Hopefully by the end of this month, I’m finally done with them.

In case anyone is confused; no, this is not a game. I am simply creating all of the graphics so that other people could create a game with it.

13 thoughts on “I wanna make a game with this, hah

  1. I’ve always wanted to make a game, or a visual novel rather, but I’m terrible with art.. this could really be the answer to my prayers. :) I’ll start reading up on rpg maker!

  2. Hello, I’ve discovered this game in the lemmasoft forums last year and been waiting for this to come out.. But seeing your last post was in September last year, I just want to ask whether you still plan on continuing this? Well, it may be because you’re busy.. If you indeed plan to discontinue, I understand ^^ but if you’re just busy and don’t just have the time to update the blog, then know that many of us are waiting eagerly for this~

  3. Hey,,. you probably don’t know me.. But I was a fan of your fan fiction and fanimations on Youtube based on your Harvest Moon fan fiction, and I actually followed your deviation account. So, I’ve been reading your updates and progress, since the first day you came up with the idea of Tailor Tales which was almost 3 years ago… and, I’m a bit confused to the extent that I’m willing to leave a comment here ( which I have never done before ). Are you or are you not finishing this game? I’ve been waiting for it eagerly and patiently. But I truly understand if you don’t have the urge to continue it anymore.

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