Gonna get so much flack for this

But I totally want to ditch Tailor Tales and start a new project, based on my newest tileset.

It would not be centered around tailoring, instead it’s a survival game. The premise is the heroine is on a cruise, but due to a storm, the ship sinks. The heroine manages to fall overboard the lifeboat, along with another dude, and washes up on some strange, seemingly uninhabited island. But as the heroine comes to find out, it’s not uninhabited at all … it’s got a tribe full of guys who are wondering just who this weird creature is. As you try and learn survival skills, such as foraging, eventually farming, hunting, navigating the island, cooking, and construction work – the heroine can woo any of the guys on the island.

… Including this mysterious other tribe that co-habits the island with the tribe that found the heroine. I wonder where that guy went to that fell overboard with her?

Ahaha, I know this is not good news at all for those following this blog. But. TT is at a stand-still simply because of the tremendous amount of work it requires to finish, and anytime I look at it and think; should I start working on it again? I think of that huge mountain I need to overcome, and say; nah. This new project would at least take into consideration the amount of work that is needed (there’d be no portraits for the characters, and an NPC schedule/pathfinding system would not exist), which is much more realistic than TT, because, well, the tileset is already finished and the sprites would be done in a jiffy.

14 thoughts on “Gonna get so much flack for this

  1. As much as I’d love to play Tailor Tales, this new idea sounds pretty creative too! I love survival games, and throwing in romance only makes it better :D

    I’d be fine with seeing either one, personally. I understand that the work required for both would be tremendous, but I have no doubt the end result would be amazing and addicting either way :D

  2. I understand if you decide not to continue…it’s really sad that i won’t be able to play the finished product. It’s alright though. I completely understand loosing the motivation and heart to do something, and if you decide to make your new game, I’ll play it (as long as it’s not horror or anything) ;P

    Maybe you can merge the two games, just so you don’t loose all that effort. Or just take a break, and come back later. Either way, good luck.

  3. I think it would be a absolute waste to just dump all the hard work and effort you’ve spent making TT. I get people lose interest in their product, but by that point they should continue on for their fans. It makes me angry to think that some creators have no thought to the feelings of their fans, and just give up on their projects the moment it gets difficult. Yes it will be hard to finish TT, but my goodness were you expecting it to be easy? If you drop TT, that is your decision but I cannot be a fan of someone who gives up on their hard work so easily.

    • It’s been like.. 5 years or so since she has started working on it lol (maybe more don’t remember too well) I wouldn’t call that giving up easily. Although I do have to agree that it would be a major waste of all the time and effort spent into making it. Seriously all that time for nothing? Personally I’d rather finish a big project knowing that at least my time wasn’t a big waste and could have been doing something to accomplish more (such as charity work) if I was going to sink that much time into something only to give up! Yeah, the I’ve got issues with time being wasted. Otherwise we’ve all dropped projects before or game novels whatever.. It’s natural and yet something on this scale makes me pretty angry. I became invested as a fan and checked up often on this site and now…? If she starts a new project I won’t be doing that at all. More power to her if she can finish but I won’t hold out faith that she will.

  4. Well.. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming with those hints you kept dropping. :x on one hand I’m all for this new project, on another.. TT being canceled after like.. How many years now? It makes me think this new project wouldn’t see the light of day either. I was really looking forward to it, but I know how hard it is to get back into something you just have no interest for anymore, so go ahead and move on without regret, we’ve all dropped something or another. Although I kind do doubt things would be done in a jiffy, I’ll still check back to see whatcha wind up doing. :) good luck!

  5. Ooooooooh this sounds much more appealing to me……. but then again TT was very appealing bck when i was in hs 2 yrs ago

  6. Oh wow D: I had been keeping tabs on this since you first ever released a video on it x.x I would have loved to play it but I totally understand. It’s a lot of work and once you lose interest you can’t force yourself.

  7. Well it’s June now, so I guess you’re really dropping this. I am quite sad, I’ve been following this project for well over a year. But, I understand, once you lose interest in something it becomes nearly impossible to finish. Good luck on your future projects Celianna.

  8. honestly really disappointed, but if you really plan on going all the way with this and actually finishing this for the people who stuck by you, then i’m happy for you to go on ahead. it’s just, i heard about tailor tales years ago and used to check this daily for updates, then weekly, then monthly~ i’m sad, but perhaps there may be someone who would like to finish off the project? just feels like the whole story you created and characters you wanted to bring to life will be lost. Either way, supporting and hope this new idea of yours sees the light of day.
    On a side note tho, did anyone donate to you during tailor tales? if they did, maybe get their blessing first? also, have you thought of using ‘kick-starter’?that could help you raise funds if you need it!

  9. you know what i know how you feel i said i was going to make this game but i ouit and go bored of it :)

  10. Oh, I’m totally flacking ya…FOR NOT TELLING US ABOUT THIS IDEA EARLIER!
    Actually, looking back, you put in so much work into Tailor Tales… so that’s a little hard to put aside. I’m hoping that no matter what you decide, Tailor Tales has helped to sharpen your RPG Maker skills. You’ve gained a lot of fans through it, and I think all of them will be appeased as long as it’s a dating game with a little extra something (in this case, survival).
    I’m new to Android gaming, so this is totally my groove, as there are a lot of survival games on mobile. I’m excited to see updates about this. Good luck, Celianna!

  11. While I am still looking forward to TT, it’s really up to you what you want to do. If you want to create a new game, go for it! You should be able to do whatever is creatively interesting to you, because after all, the one you’re making the game for is you. I wish you luck on whatever you decide to do, and know that we all support you! Good luck!

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