Using my new tiles


Anyone recognize it, just a little bit?

It’s a re-imagining of Harvest Moon’s Mineral Town! I did away with several buildings, like the winery and inn, and just in general make my own version.

Wouldn’t it be fun to play a game set in Mineral Town where all of the bachelors and bachelorettes had kids, and you can now date their children?

8 thoughts on “Using my new tiles

  1. Yes!! I loved fomt/mfomt. :P Absolutely!

    Do you know Pierre, from The Tale of two Towns and Island of Happiness? (I think he’s in others as well) Well he’s a chef, and I always thought he looked like he could be Gourmet and Clair’s son. ^-^ Like he inherited his father’s cooking job and all that. :p You’ve got to see the resemblence..

    But yeah! Totally! I’d play that! :D

    Oh, but you missed the winery, right behind the blacksmith shop.

    ….. I think that’s it. :3

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