Sometime in the future

Then I’d like to give this project a go again, remaking it on RPG Maker VX Ace. But much smaller in scale (because I now have realistic goals instead of trying to make the next Harvest Moon on my own), and with portraits and such only being added at the last moment, giving priority to actually having a working demo with dialogue.

While I don’t actually have any time to spend on projects (I’m constantly working on creating new tilesets to pay for my rent), I do sometimes think about what I can do to recreate Tailor Tales.

If such a project where to happen, these are the core changes:

  • No portraits (they will be added when everything else is finished)
  • Focus on one bachelor at a time (and limit them to 4)
  • No more side gameplay like mining, foraging, cooking etc.
  • No real-time NPC schedules to adhere, NPCs will stay on the map and only change when the player re-enters the map
  • No extensive dialogue, it will be cut short
  • Smaller world – less maps to explore
  • No dating/touching mode for the bachelors
  • No marriage
  • Different tailoring system
  • Different story (no more magical foxes!)

Of course, those are the changes I’d like to have. If I actually started working on it, I would make these points my priority:

  • Have a working tailoring system
  • Have all necessary maps finished
  • Have at least one bachelor be datable

Just some food for thought. I might also replace the bachelors, for a fresh start. I’ve got a certain character that I’d like to give a home to, and that might just be Tailor Tales. So what kind of character archetypes would you like to see?

3 thoughts on “Sometime in the future

  1. Hi there! It’s been a while since you posted! Anyways, based on this post, I think it’s safe to assume that the original Tailor Tales (with the magical fox and all that) is going to scrapped? What a pity, since I was really curious to learn about the fox lol ;__;

    Anyways, I hope you do come back to this project someday, be it a new one or not! It’ll be a shame not to use the things you made already! And please do take your time on it, is alright, everyone here understands that real life is more important than a game. Anyways, I hope your year has been going okay so far, and I hope you’ll have a great day/night! ♡

    • Yes, since if I were to remake the game, I would not only need to move over to the newer RPG Maker, but I’ll have to condense it and that means starting over. The core gameplay would remain unchanged; you are still a tailor moving into a new town to start your own business.

      But thanks for your kind words! I really would like to work on this, but wouldn’t want to deal with the pressure of fans anticipating my every move. It’s just a “work on it when I feel like it” thing.

  2. I just read this and I think you should go for it 100%. It was a pleasure composing for the original!

    – Quesadilla

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