Only women apparel?

Should you only be able to tailor women’s clothing? I mean I could add shirts, tux, pants and whatnot … but I think it would be more fun focusing on women’s fashion, and making some cute designs. If I’d make men’s clothing as well this would increase workload, and I wouldn’t make cute designs for them.

4 thoughts on “Only women apparel?

  1. >< i wan't both but i know it's gonna be hard work for you gommenasai ganbate senpai~
    i wan't both plz this game is soo insperationall i wan't to study more renpy now
    sorry for my bad english

  2. WOMEN’S CLOTHING. Please.

    Rather than rigging the whole design panel for both genders, I’d rather you direct your energy on other aspects of the game. (People tend to want too much without regarding the amount of time necessary for it to be done.)
    …Though, if we could design our husband’s tuxedo, that’d be kind of rad.

    Also, quick question: Ever think of including a rival tailor in-game as a bachelor? Perhaps another man, who specializes in men’s clothing/women’s clothing/whatever, something similar?

    • A rival tailor certainly sounds like a lot of fun! Jamie, the rival farmer in HM: Magical Melody, was pretty popular. I could totally have the rival work on men’s clothing, and the player focus on women’s clothing.

      I think I will go with women’s clothing, after all it’s a lot more fun when you can wear the things you’ve created …

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