I’ve actually outlined Neil’s storylines, and divided them into chapters, with 13 chapters total.

Unfortunately, this means no more marriage component. Because visual novel style was the most popular, it seems people would rather follow a good storyline with a whirlwind romance, so making the game end at the end of a story seems like a good way to part.

I will still keep the ‘talk to him daily’ part, of course. You can still walk around and meddle with townsfolk.

In between each chapter, your bachelor will reference things that have happened in the previous chapter, or will talk about future things that will happen in the next chapter. So that it will seem continuous and chronological. If there was one thing I hated about Harvest Moon (aside from their repeating dialogue), it’s the fact that heart events never got acknowledged. They were a one time event that was never mentioned again. So, I want to make sure that when you play, you’ll really feel like you’re getting to know the bachelor, follow him through his daily life, and experiencing romantic events with him.

Basically, I want you to fall in love with the bachelor, and him with you. This is not something HM ever did well, with bare dialogue and personalities that were as hollow as a cardboard cut-out.

But, I’ll try. You’ll experience romance by basically talking to the bachelor every day, until the next chapter starts. And again, there are no wrong answers, so pick which ever one you like most!

I think my new goal would be to simply have three chapters finished of Neil, and have a working tailoring system. Everything else can be added later (including art).

Also, I really do like the idea of a rival tailor character! It’d be even cooler if you can decide their gender, and have some nice girl x girl romance going on.

6 thoughts on “Chapters

  1. I’m glad to see that you are remaking the game. A few years back when you first announced this project I had a feeling it was going to be too big for just one person. I’ve got faith in ya! on the note of the rival tailor, I’m all for making that a guy selling men’s clothing. I wouldn’t add it to what the player can make. Too much work and men’s clothing is kinda boring anyway.

  2. Haven’t been checking recently for progress, but when I saw that you’re remaking it I literally jumped for joy! Here’s one eager supporter behind you, all the way! C:

  3. Been following you since the very start of tailor tales… And the more I see the more I like!! I’m very excited for the chemistry you have planned for the characters. One thing that really makes a game for me is the ability to connect me to the characters ( a la Mass Effect or Rune Factory style). You are working so hard and seeing how passionate about it you are gets me excited! I also love the idea of a rival Tailor you can choose the gender for.

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