From city life to farm life!

I really wanted the new Tailor Tales to be set in a city, as it gave me a lot of options as well as ideas. But on the other hand, I really wanted a way for the player to farm items (to make cloth, not actual Harvest Moon style crops), and that would mean I needed a smaller, rural town with farmers. A few characters I had in mind wouldn’t be possible in a big city (like Zack, the sheriff).

And then it came to me: I’m not confined to one city, duh!!

The player should be able to travel from the city to the town using some sort of public transportation.

The city is where all the exciting business ventures are, as well as your own store. Not to mention the amount of date opportunities (the movies, pool, game arcade etc.) to go to with your guy. The town should have the farmlands for the crops you need.

No, you don’t grow them yourself, but you can pay a farmer that does it for you. There are a ton of new things. For example, I don’t think I’ll have a running time system anymore, I think instead I’ll have certain Action Points you can use throughout the day. The day will be divided into 3 sections, morning, midday and evening. These will transition based on how many action points you’ve done. So if you went to the store in the morning (1 point), and then made some clothing yourself (I dunno, 3 points?), the morning will end and transition to midday. I still have to work out the new mechanisms and how it ties to the overall story.

It will also be made on the new RPG Maker MV (I had known about this for months, but I couldn’t say anything about it until a couple of days ago when it was announced) … which will have mobile support! I know some of you really wanted to play on your phone.

Oh, and a new mock-up:

I’m not entirely convinced by it. I might just turn it into something a lot more modern (the windowskin), what do you guys think?

4 thoughts on “From city life to farm life!

  1. I really liked old character style (cute like in HM for SNES), why changed it to new one? :( I like Rural Farm style, but preffered the old one for Tailor Tales actually.

    • This is mostly because the Rural Farm Tiles sprites are already finished, and it leaves me with a huge amount of spritework already finished. This way I can focus on other aspects of the game, instead of making new sprites again.

      Joselina’s sprite in there is temporary though, it’s not final.

  2. Sounds like a fun idea in terms of gameplay mechanics! And the city looks pretty great, too :D As for the window skin…personally, I think it fits the romance theme of the game. The most I could think of is changing it to a different color in terms of ‘modernizing.’ This is probably why I’m not a game maker or graphic designer, haha.

    • True, it does fit the romance part of the game, but unfortunately, I find it doesn’t match with what’s on screen, and it’s looking a bit ‘dated’. I will have to tinker around with it a bit more.

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