An actual avatar

This is something I wanted to do back in the beginning, but decided NOT to due to the sheer amount of work that was needed to create all of the different combinations. What am I talking about?

Your avatar, of course! The main girl you play – which has been Joselina all this time – should of course, reflect what you want her to look like. Whether she looks like you, or your own original character, doesn’t matter. It should be possible! It’s however not possible to have different body shapes, because that would quadruple my work amount, and I do need to draw a limit somewhere.

This means you can not only dress her up, you can also change her eyes, her hair, her skin – she’s yours!

(note that this is not final, hairstyles and heck even art style can be changed)

You’ll be able to change hairstyles in-game if you’ve got the money for it, and dress yourself with your own clothes. Skin/facial features can only be done once in the beginning though.

Sample with clothing on.

2 thoughts on “An actual avatar

  1. YESSSSSS. Character customization is the best! I love dress-up games and simulation games, and when they’re combined…

    Personally, having a character that looks like me (or at least there being a character that looks like me in the game) can enable me to be fully immersed into a game. Things like that give me a feeling that someone like me (i.e., with dark brown skin) can be included in that universe too, if that makes sense.

    BUT ANYWAY. Yay character customization. :D

    • I always wanted people to make their own character, but it was just so daunting since I had to make all of the clothes too >_<

      But now, to hell with it, I'll let people make their girl the way they want to. It's a game about making clothes after all, we should be immersed into it!

      I was also totally thinking about letting the player create a 'secret bachelor'. They pick out his hair, eyes, skin, clothes etc. and have him be datable, haha. Of course that's just wishful thinking at the moment …

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