Another mock-up

Since the game will be made on RPG Maker MV, that means the screensize will be much bigger.

I think I’ve settled on a text window for now. And this time, you can see Joselina as well!

(again art styles and whatever can be changed and aren’t a final version)

Also, Joselina in the new style! With an upgraded summer dress, of course. Here’s a nifty comparison with all of her other designs.

Should I turn Neil into a fullbody portrait as well? Instead of the bust-up I currently have? I think I might stick to this graphic style I’m using. It’s very simple, but efficient enough for me to create more art without burning out.

Oh and here’s a quick poll, I want to know which kind of fashion styles you guys like to see! If you don’t know what a certain style looks like, just google it :)

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