Clothing styles

After the last post, I’ve decided on four main clothing styles that you can create. These are:

  • Cute
  • Glamour
  • Casual
  • Cool

There’s a lot of C’s in there! Anyway, I made them pretty generic sounding, as each of these categories can hold a bunch of styles. For example, “Cute” can be feminine, girly, everything frilly, or even lolita. Whereas “Cool” would be things like goth, punk, emo, rock etc. “Glamour” would be anything sexy and bling-bling, and “Casual” gets reserved for basics and anything else that doesn’t fit the other categories.

I really hope I can create a nice dress-up game for you to play. Of course, this is something that won’t happen until I’ve actually managed to write the story down for at least one guy. The tailoring system comes secondary. Plus, I’ll have to wait until RPG Maker MV comes out, and then I can commission someone to write me a Javascript plugin to help with the dress-up game.

Also, I’m thinking of making each clothing item unique. By that I mean, you can’t dye them in all colours. For example, the same amount of ingredients (2 woolen cloth, 1 woolen yarn), but with two different dyes, would produce two completely different clothing items. You might think “But that’s more work!”, but it’s actually less work, because then I won’t have to create each clothing item 7 more times to have them be in all colours available. I mean if I have over 200 pieces of clothing, I’ll have to multiply that by 7 …

Oh, and for other parts of the dress-up game, like hair and stuff, you’ll have to go to a hair salon to change it, and shop for shoes yourself. You cannot make these things.

4 thoughts on “Clothing styles

  1. Aaaaaaaah I’m so excited to see the clothes~! I want to make sure I’m not misunderstanding how the game will work.. Are we playing the game over a set number of days? We’ve got the boys and their stories, but I was wondering how each new thing we learn about them would be activated? Like, we’re goin around makin clothes and lookin fabulous, and maybe occasionally pop in on the boys in town in between that? I’m just trying to wrap my head around it. ;w;

    • This is something I’ve been struggling a bit with myself! Since I’ve made it less Harvest Moon like, which means no gift giving or talking to them every day to up their relationship level with you. Instead, it’s more Visual Novel style, with a story you have to follow, chronologically. That also still means days pass by in this game.

      And so I wondered, how were you going to walk around town, while at the same time, follow a guy’s story?

      So I’ve decided to have each scene triggered by certain conditions. Kind of like Harvest Moon did the heart events, you must be at place X on day X or something. Mine would be something as simple as “show up at this part of town”, and once that scene is over, in between you can still talk to him (this heavily depends on his story though, if you’re both having a fight, he’ll be unavailable), which will have limited dialogue and repeat itself after X number of turns, until the next scene is triggered again. Another scene might have you making specific clothes to trigger it – it’s all really dependent on how his story plays out.

      Basically yes, you make fabulous clothes, and in between talk to the guys :p

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