Going more Visual Novel style.

I kept brainstorming about how I was going to make the player feel like they were following someone’s love story (chronologically), and at the same time, still walk around and do stuff like talk to towns people.

In the end I realized, I just can’t have both. And because the romance had always been the most important part of Tailor Tales, I’ve decided to cut that part out. It’s not an open world anymore, I’ll be going into a more Visual Novel style instead.

No, there won’t be any drawn background. It’ll still be an overview of 2D sprites. But instead of walking around the town, you get an image map where you can select which part of the town to go to. Once you do that, you’ll be transported to a map and then some kind of pre-planned event happens. You can’t actually walk around yourself, but instead it’s just a scene. Maybe a love scene, who knows.

At least this way, I can control the story and have it advance chronologically.

This also means I’ll have to think about how I’m going to do the tailoring part, but that’ll be for later. First comes the romance! I’m actually writing Neil’s story at the moment. Considering he has 4 endings, this is going to be a lot of writing.

9 thoughts on “Going more Visual Novel style.

    • Ahh right, those games. Yeah, I guess a little bit like that. I still need to figure out how exactly I’m going to change the gameplay, because I still would like for the player to walk around, but in a more controlled setting.

  1. Aww.. I adore the very first version of Tailor Tales more to be honest. I’ve been following your updates since 6 years ago btw. Kinda sad that you had to go for visual novel kind of game instead. I wish that the original Tailor Tales can be pursued by other game makers with original idea by you. I really love the concept and the lovely characters inspired by my fave game Harvest Moon. But yeah..

  2. Aww, the game changed a lot ha..I personnally prefer the old way (like in the demo ) But I trust in your choices and I believe It’s gonna turn out good .

  3. Oh I actually wanted the “still walk around and do stuff like talk to towns people.” This way, there is still much more to do. But I do look forward to this!

    • I really wanted to have it too, but realistically, it’s just something that would take me a long time to do, and I want to shorten the workload to actually be able to produce something playable in the first place!

  4. Maybe something like “Long Live the Queen” for the tailoring? By which I mean that the game (also a visual novel style) allows you every “week” to choose two actions/somewhere to go to increase your stats/change your mood/other. Maybe something similar could be done for making outfits and going on dates?

    • I’m definitely not doing a stat game though, I personally HATE raising stats like that. However, I will be doing something similar when it comes to going out and having it be restricted to once a day. So after your tailoring work is done, you get to go someplace else.

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