Visual updates

Been a while since my last update, but I haven’t forgotten about Tailor Tales just yet!

While I still don’t know exactly how the gameplay will end up like, or how the story will play alongside making clothes – I do know it will be a streamlined story featuring the guy of your choice. It’ll be VERY visual novel style.

And what fun is making clothes if you already start out with one of the most beautiful dresses? That’s why; meet Joselina the standard avatar! The art style has been tweaked again, and I think this is the one I’m sticking with. Simple, yet with realistic proportions.


In the beginning, the player can create their own avatar with basic options such as skin tone, eye style and hair colour. Later on, as they progress the game, they’ll have more wardrobe options (that they make themselves), as well as having the option to style your hair at a salon, and buy accessories such as shoes and hats from another store. You can even change the background of your dressing room. It’s a glamorous lifestyle!

If you want to see what Joselina looks like in other clothes and hair, just click here.

Most likely, to advance the story, I might make it so that you have to create a certain piece of clothing to advance. I know, it seems arbitrary, but because it’s not an open world anymore, I do need to come up with some reason to make the player advance.

Speaking of advancing, Neil’s story is slowly being written. I’ve finally bit the bullet and decided to go for a first person point of view – even though I’ve always hated it myself – so that the player can immerse themselves more into the story.

And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without revealing what Neil’s portrait looks like. I’ve decided to make a fullbody portrait of him, just like Joselina.


I’m actually really fond of the simplistic stylized backgrounds that I’m considering going full blown VN style and having backgrounds instead of maps for the backdrop.



Perhaps something like this?

7 thoughts on “Visual updates

  1. Thank you for also including skin tone in one of the customization options! So many games will give you lots hair stule, eye-color, even facial feature options but somehow can’t even provide the option to decide the character’s skin tone. I like being able to play with a character that resmples me more

    • Being able to make the avatar resemble the player is definitely one of my goals. I wish I could also add different body types, even different heights, but then things get way too complicated (it would mean I’d have to draw everything twice, or even triple the amount!).

      Is there anything else in a game that makes you not feel like you’re playing as yourself?

      • Honestly by having skintone choices you’ve already done so much in my books! Different heights and body types would be good but as you said, a lot of work, I like to do some graphical work in my spare time (for game modding), and its enjoyable but takes so much time…so I understand that there will be some things you have to sacrifice. I think what you have for now is very good already, maybe when you have time you could release more customisation options in a ‘deluxe version’ with extra goodies?

  2. I’ve been waiting for Tailor Tales since the beginning, Im thankful that you’re still working on it. Goodluck, wish you all the best. :D

  3. Ah Celianna this looks super cute and I’m very excited!!! But I’d probably… remove that line of dialogue from the actual game thats pretty iffy and bordering transphobic! Anyway best of luck!

  4. (*^▽^*) Yay there you are~! I was just thinking about this game heh. I’ve been following the updates for a while and WOW your art has improved (not saying that it was bad before just you know, it’s super polished now). I played the demo back when it was open world so I’m a little sad to see that style of game go but I do love me some VNs so this should be fun regardless.

    Josie looks cute with her new hair, the eyes look nice and full of life. Do you have any plans to incorporate the old boys into another original work? James was my man ehe.

    • I’m glad you like the art! It’s definitely improved since … well, I think I started in late 2009. I am sad too about not having an open world anymore, after all, it was my dream to make it similar to Harvest Moon. But the time and effort to create something like that is too much for me to handle, so I had to downsize and focus on the important things. And luckily, a lot of people don’t mind that it’s going to be more story focused instead.

      I am most definitely considering bringing back some of the original boys to the newer one, James being at the top of that list since he was the most popular. I’m pretty sure he’d be even more popular in the new art style haha. But for now, one at a time.

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