Just a quick test

Neil’s first route is about 60% done, I just need to actually finish the beginning and the end (writing the middle is so much more fun). I’ve decided to have two routes for him, I know I promised four, but I want to actually be able to finish Neil …

Things are left a bit open ended with not everything answered at the end, for the future possibility of updates that explore these open ended questions.

Anyways, I took a break from writing, and worked a bit on getting the visual style down. I’m still not sure if I want to go full blown Visual Novel style, or use maps (maps would mean less effort from me), but here’s quick test I made.

Tailor Tales Neil test

I also tried to overhaul the Tailoring system, so that you’re actually creating pieces of clothing that you need to sell to earn money. Although this has a low priority, compared to the actual story.

I had a bit of fun drawing some clothing pieces though. I should probably focus on the more important things haha.


I also tinkered with the idea of giving the player a female best friend, who they are also able to court. So a lesbian romance! I mean, I’d love to add it, but first I gotta focus on finishing at least one route before I add more.

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