Multiple routes or more characters

With Neil’s first route nearing completion (it will probably be around 30k words), I am wondering how much people even want another route.

Most visual novels have like two endings for a character; a bad ending and a happy ending (where you end up together). For Tailor Tales, I did it differently. You will always have a happy ending, you will just have a completely different story based on a few choices you select in the beginning. Essentially, you’ll have two stories for one character. I did this for replay value, as well as wanting people to pick choices based more on what they feel is in tune for their personality, than selecting the ‘choice to win his route’.

So far, I’ve almost finished Neil’s first route. At the beginning of his route, it splits off and you can read two completely different stories for him.

Of course, this requires me to write an entire new story, it’s the same amount of effort I’d put into it if I were to create another route for a different character. It’s basically a time constraint issue and what I should give priority.

My question would be what would you like to see more of: two different stories for one character, or more characters?

Would you rather play through Neil’s story once, and then play a different character? Or would you like it if Neil had two different stories, at the expense of not having another character’s story written.

Let me know! Below is a poll, and I didn’t add “yes I want two different story routes AND more characters,” on purpose because that’s not the issue here, it’s what I should give priority to.


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