Once more!

The previous poll was divided between more stories for one character, or more characters. To help people decide better, I present to you the second bachelor: James! Yup, he’s from the old version, and he made the cut.

And here are their biographies:

Neil Forrester

Age: 24
Height: 176cm (5’9)
Job: intern at Claner Medical Center
Neil belongs to a rich family, and in turn has grown up quite spoiled and detached from the real world. He thinks highly of himself, and often looks down on people, getting him into petty arguments. He’s well spoken – he can be quite witty – but still doesn’t really know how to take responsibility for his actions, nor is it often that he says he’s sorry. In his eyes, he can do no wrong. On the other hand, there’s a gentle side to him when it comes to his cousin Angela, whom he adores.

(Note that the portrait for James is unfinished)
James Morgan

Age: 24
Height: 182cm (6’0)
Job: carpenter
James is a bit antisocial and mostly keeps to himself, although he’s got a very close bond to his caregiver Buck, who runs the carpentry. Letting anyone else get close to him is not his thing, especially since he has a hard time understanding people’s feelings. James is very critical of anything and anyone, including himself, and rarely gives out compliments. He is blunt and honest, thus sometimes can come across quite crass and rude to people. He’s not a man of many words, but when he does say something, they’re on point.

So I ask you girls again in a simpler way; do you want more Neil stories, or do you want to play James right after Neil?

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