Changing the story a bit

So after running the poll, the more popular answer is that people would want to play more characters, than to play the same character once more for a different story.

I guess that’s fine. I will scrap my intention to create two different stories for a character. Instead, I will take the same story, but only rewrite the scenes so that it will account for the player’s personality.

Stories were divided into a Passionate and an Innocent route. And they still exist, just right now I’m deciding to not give them separate stories anymore. Instead it will simply reflect your personality more. Are you more aggressive, or are you more passive? Joselina’s actions and thoughts are hopefully more in tune with yours. of course, the bachelor will react to you differently as well.

God knows how many times I’ve been irked by a protagonist who’s stupid, helpless and clueless. I don’t want the player to be stuck with a character that’s supposed to represent them like that.

Lastly, a small update on Neil’s route, his story is nearing the end. I think I will cap out at around 35k words, maybe 40k.

One thought on “Changing the story a bit

  1. Just dropping a note to say I’m really exicted to play this VN and love the work your doing! And I said this before but thank you for adding customisation options to the main character (especially skin tone).

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