Ingame screenshot

Decided on changing the backgrounds a bit. With this front view perspective, I can actually finish them faster, and give a unique look to Tailor Tales. It also makes it easy for the player to customize their house (so if you hate pink, no worries, you can change it).

Anyways, here’s a quick in-game screenshot of Neil in Joselina’s boutique.


On another note, the portrait system is finished, allowing for each character to show a 100 predetermined expressions (more are possible). I’ve always been a bit sick of the 6 default expressions most characters in Visual Novels have, so I made sure to have a wide variety of expressions for my characters, even if I end up never using them.

What you see in the above screenshot is a working portrait system, with Neil’s expressions fully integrated. The system allows for up to two people on the screen at the same time, and I can also zoom in on the character, so it looks like they’re closer to you.

Neil’s story is currently at 40k words, and I should probably wrap it up before I keep on writing a damn novel.

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