Add Joselina on screen?

Since I’m making Joselina’s portrait – what with all the different things she can look like, depending on the player – I could now also add her during some dialogue.

Initially, Joselina was never going to show up on the screen during a scene, only during dress-up moments. However, I tried a little test, and made Joselina the second person on the screen during this scene (blood, sweat and tears went into getting this to show up correctly in-game):


I mean, it doesn’t look bad per say, but Joselina does not, and will never, have different expressions on her face. She’ll look the way she’s looking right now, just a blank stare.

During a scene, this can look disturbing when other characters have different expressions, but she stays the same (even if she’s supposed to be yelling or blushing).

On the other hand, considering Joselina is fully customizable, it might immerse players more to see a version of themselves standing next to the bachelor they want to romance. Though a quick note: Joselina will disappear if another person enters the scene, I can only show a max of two people at the same time (to keep my sanity in tact).

Anyways, I’m going to let you decide whether or not I should stick with never showing Joselina during a scene, or to have her stand next to another person in a scene she’s in.

(for those that don’t know, Joselina is the name of the player character that’s supposed to be you)

2 thoughts on “Add Joselina on screen?

  1. I know there are a lot of games where the player’s character is shown in a small window on the bottom left. Would you be interested in doing something like that?

    • That’s the default way those message systems work (portrait in the message window). You select a picture, and add some text, all very simple. The way Joselina is created (with 12 different parameters and 10 different pictures), I would not be able to simply pick which picture I want and be done with it. It needs to be build up because Joselina is customizable. I would need to program in a third person to account for this, more chaos for me basically.

      It can be done, yes, but the result is ultimately less aesthetically pleasing (you would only be able to see shoulder and above), and she would still remain expressionless. I’m not sure I want to go through all that effort for minimal change.

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