Creating the menu

In my previous post I asked if you wanted to see Joselina on screen. It seems most people are in agreement that it would probably be best to leave her out. Yay, less work for me.

I’ve been working on the main menu of the game, the menu you’ll be spending lots of time in, I’m sure. The background is customizable to the player’s tastes, and of course, so is Joselina herself. And yes, that’s her starter outfit.


There’s a big button where you can continue to read the story (you need tailoring exp to continue). The tailoring system doesn’t yet exist, neither does changing your outfit just yet – basically every other button doesn’t do anything right now. My priority is getting Neil’s story into the game.

I’ve enabled Godmode (a cheat) for now, so I don’t need to pass any checkpoints for experience to read the next chapter. The beta test will have Godmode enabled, so people can read only the story.

I am happy to say that Neil’s first few chapters should hopefully be ready soon to beta test.

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