Neil’s story finished!

Celebration is in order! I’ve finished writing the passionate route for Neil, which caps at 56k words. This does mean I’ve only finished writing the route in which the player is more aggressive, the innocent route still needs to be written (same story, only Joselina behaves differently).

I hope people don’t care much for the fact that there are only a couple of choices at the very beginning of the game, to determine which route you shall take. After that, there’s NO CHOICES anymore. I didn’t want to make fake choices that don’t impact the story at all, so I left them at the beginning to split the story into two routes, and that’s it.

Oh, and meet the third bachelor; Sam!

(portrait not finished, will be subjected to change)

Don’t let his appearance fool you; Sam’s a real sweetheart (it was kind of needed when you’ve got two jerks as the other bachelors). He’s got nothing in common with a previous bachelor of mine that he resembles a bit (Roy), he’s all original. The first character that wears glasses, too.

Can’t wait to write his route as well!

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