Starting a new story

With Neil’s story finished, and having to wait on a plugin to be written for me so I can start adding the story to the game, I figured I might as well start writing the story of another bachelor.

Which should have been James … instead I made a new character! Meet Caine:


Sorry for you James fans – Caine’s voice was definitely speaking to me much more, and the plot of his story is something I had been thinking of for two years or so. His appearance was modeled after an old character of mine (Bill), but his personality is completely different. He has questionable morals, shoplifts, likes to bully kids, and is alright with lying to your face. He’s the youngest of the cast, being two years younger than our main character Joselina, and still in college. Caine is still trying to find his place in the world, will you help set him on the right path?

I’m going to have a lot of fun writing his route!

2 thoughts on “Starting a new story

    • Haha … well, in my defense, Neil and James were the majority vote, Caine’s my personal choice. But there’s Sam as well! He’s really sweet.

      I would never recommend dating a person like Neil, James, nor Caine in real life, hah.

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