Tailoring system

I’m working on ideas for the tailoring system, and I think I just wanna go all out. I want people to design their own clothes with fine details so they can make unique designs, and share it with the community for example.

I’ve got most of it planned out how I want it to be, with different categories for tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts – and refining these so that in essence, you could create your own wedding dress, or a school uniform. Both of these would be possible with the system.

Here’s a mock-up I made of the tailoring system. Note that first you create a design, which is always white, and afterwards, you pick a colour and/or pattern.

With this system in place, the way you earn money is by taking on clients who request a design with specific random parameters that you would need to fulfill. For example, a client requests you make a red shirt with a sweetheart neckline. Or another wants you to create a princess ball gown. The more money you earn, the more patterns (different designs you see in the above picture, like all of the necklines) you can afford, and thus the more designs you can create.

This is quite a big endeavor, so I would need to commission someone to create this plugin for me. I just hope it won’t be more than a $1000 haha …

I also tweaked the main menu a bit, though I’ll probably continue to tweak it until I am satisfied:

2 thoughts on “Tailoring system

    • The thing is, having an overworld type game such as Harvest Moon was making it impossible for me to actually make the game, it was overwhelming, way too much work. I also wasn’t able to do detailed stories and the like, with no narration in the game.

      It was fun having the characters walk around, and having you do your own thing. I loved that part, but I had to let it go, and focus on the most important thing I wanted out of Tailor Tales: romance and tailoring.

      I conducted a poll, asking people what kind of game they like more, the open world Harvest Moon, the visual novel style, or the stats raising game. The majority voted for visual novel, like, 80% or so? So I figured, I might as well take the jump, and convert it to a visual novel.

      And because of that I’ve managed to finish one complete story for a bachelor, I’ve come up with a better tailoring system, and I’ve got some pretty good art to go along with it. I hope you would still enjoy the game regardless of the fact that it’s less like Harvest Moon now :)

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