Tailor Tales Beta v. 0.1 released


Tailor Tales
Beta v. 0.1

Download Windows

Windows mirror
Mac version not available.

Hooray, the first official beta is released! This means you can help me test it out and provide feedback. I even added two bonus chapters, so you have 7 chapters to read through instead of the original planned 5. It will take about 25 minutes to finish.

There’s a small error in that after chapter 6 ends, chapter 7 starts immediately. This has already been noted :)

What can you do:
– You can customize your character
– You can read Neil’s first 7 chapters

What you can’t do:
– Click on any options in the menu besides “continue”
– Create any clothing
– Anything else besides reading Neil’s chapters, really

What you don’t need to pay attention to:
– Unfinished art (mainly Sarah here)
– Character creation is temporary and will be different and polished

Feedback I’m looking for:

– What are your first impressions after reading Neil’s first few chapters?
– Do you think your choices reflect what you would personally do?
– Are you hooked enough to continue reading?
– If you find any typos or grammar errors, please take a screenshot of it, or recite back the exact line of dialogue.
– How many fierce points and how many kind points did you score at the end?

14 thoughts on “Tailor Tales Beta v. 0.1 released

  1. I was playing the Neil route (P.S that guy is so AGHHHHH) and got up to the fake fiancee dinner part. I saved then logged off. A few minutes later I went back on but I couldn’t continue! D: I’m so maddddd. What can I do to fix my save state?

  2. I saw this on the rpgmaker forums a while ago and just managed to play a bit!
    It’s so wonderful so far even if it’s still a beta!!
    This is really nice over all and enchanting in it’s own way, good job really!!!
    Its’ really wonderful and enjoyable, the menu is really pleasant to look at and the design is real cute too!!

  3. Idiot is back xD I figured out how to change the name. At the start I was very amused by Neil’s burns … But at some point it got so ridiculous I wondered why I was even talking to this dude (somewhere after the watch incident). I like the idea of making him clothes (rich guy wearing it= more people recognising your work). I also looooved the moving CG where he was hiding. I wonder how his story will go; if he stays an ass for too long I might not finish his story. I hate scumbags…. Personal taste ^^;

    • Ah sorry, the game was made in RPG Maker, which is a keyboard based engine, but I added the option to use the mouse, except the ‘back button’ doesn’t exist, you press the X button your keyboard instead. Glad to see you figured it out :)

      I’m happy you enjoyed the CG with blinking eyes! I find it really adds a nice touch to it to make it come alive.

      It’s okay if you don’t like Neil, he is your resident asshole of the game. The next chapter should make things a little easier to swallow (you get to tease him), but I totally understand if it’s not to your tastes! To note: you read about the first 8000 words of Neil’s route, which is 60,000 words long.

  4. I just opened it.. I might be just plain stupid but I can’t edit the name. It does not let me delete letters D:

  5. Just some feedback after playing! I scored about 7 fierce points and 4 kind points, and I’m not surprised I scored more fierce points because Neil was hella rude. I’m glad we had the option to get rude back to him without some kind of penalty because he deserved it. I’m definitely looking forward to playing this game when it’s finished!

    • Thank you for trying out the beta!

      I’m happy you were glad that you could also be rude back to him. Why just take it and not dish it out, right? He is being a pain in the ass on purpose. There are no bad answers and no bad endings, so feel free to be as rude to him as you’d like.

      How was the art though? Any comments on that? Did you like making your own character? (even though it was pretty bare-bones at the moment)

      • Oh yes being able to make my own character was really nice, honestly the feature was well done in my opinion considering this is beta version (once the game is finished I imagine I will spend a good hour or two just messing with character creation like I do when playing the Sims…). Art is good, I noticed that the CG of Neil trying to hide from you in the coffee shop was animated (his eye was blinking) – thats a nice surprise! I’m also happy you said that their are no bad endings/bad answers, it’s refreshing to play a VN where I can just dive in and answer however I feel instead of feeling like I need to get a walkthrough to get the ending I want.

        • Well, character creation should be short in the beginning. You can later customize your character as much as you want if you buy all of the different accessories/hair styles etc. The more money you earn, the more things you can buy and customize your character with :)

          I’m happy you noticed that he blinked! I just wanted to add that tiny little detail, makes it feel more alive.

          About the ban endings, same here, I don’t like them either. I just want to answer how I want to, I don’t want to ‘find the right answer’ to get ‘the good ending’. Usually in otome games it means picking the “I’m sorry” option 99% of the time. It annoys me, so I made sure Tailor Tales has no such ending, just pick whatever you’d like!

  6. Welp, after playing this demo.. I can say with absolute certainty that I HAAAAAATTTTEEEE Neil. I mean it. Fuck. That. Guy. I did all of the kind options, wondering if he would chill out just a tad bit. He didn’t.

    Anyway.. the game looks to be coming along very nicely! I will just.. not be pursuing the purple haired bastard when the full game releases. :)

    • Haha! Thank you for playing anyways! Neil isn’t my favourite either – he is your resident asshole character (he got the popular vote after all), and that’s basically his personality for his entire route. He’s got his sweet moments, but mostly he’s dishonest with himself, and will chew you out. Fun part about it; at least you chew him out, too. I promise you though, he will eventually admit to being an asshole to you, so at least he’s got some redeeming factor, but meh. Some people like this kind of guy.

      Hopefully you’ll like the others more! The next one I’m writing is Caine, and while he can be a smartass and will probably say even worse things to you than Neil, you do have some touching moments together and he isn’t chewing you out every second you’re together.

      • Hahah! Yeah, there is a demographic for that kind of character. I like smartasses, there’s just a fine line between that and being an asshole all the time. Everyone isn’t 100% a nice person to everyone they meet, but that dude is definitely on my shitlist now. ;)

        Caine does sound like a more likable character, to me anyway. Spats or nasty words being tossed is actually kind of realistic. It’s not sunshine and rainbows all the time, but being a decent human being is kind of a must for me. In a real life situation, I would have punched Neil square in the jaw at this point.

        Anywaaaaaay, looking forward to more updates. The art looks smooth and I love the style. It’s funny to think back to when you first started this project.. seems so long ago now and so much has changed, I’m glad to see it still going. Pretty Ore was the first HM fanfic I ever read/watched so that’s how I found out.. ;)

        • Then you would most certainly like Caine more! Like I said, he can say some nasty stuff as well, but he’s way more mellow than Neil, and will actually have a conversation with you without feeling the need to insult you. I’ve got some very cute scenes with him in mind, and the plot has been more or less decided. I just need to finish writing it (got about 10k done, Neil’s story is 60k for comparison).

          I don’t know about Caine being a decent human being, though it is a goal he’s striving towards in his route.

          If it were real life, I wouldn’t recommend anyone pick these guys as their boyfriends haha. Except for Sam, he would be great boyfriend material. The rest, not so much.

          Speaking of Pretty Ore, the reason I was starting up Tailor Tales again, was because I kind of felt like remaking Pretty Ore. Once I was finished drawing all of the characters, with my own revisions, I felt the inspiration to start Tailor Tales anew. Here are the revised Harvest Moon characters!

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