Tailoring system

screenshot_05(2)Been working on the tailoring system, TDS is writing the code for me, he’s been very helpful. Most things seem to work so far, changing colours, adding patterns, changing to a skirt/top/whatever etc.

It’s a very extensive system, with loads of options. I will focus on basics first before I delve into adding more and more variants of the clothing. After all, I can simply add more options after the system is finished :)


Drew some more backgrounds for Neil’s route. The next beta should have the first 12 chapters available, and with some feedback from the previous beta, have a few changes here and there (mostly an added scene in chapter 1). This is when his route really kicks into gear, and I’m sure people will love chapter 12.

The first 7 chapters released, are about 8000 words long. Chapters 1 through 12 are 24k words long, so there’s a big bump in word count, despite the lower chapter count :)


I also made a new design for a future bachelor. This is Aiden, a laid back gamer, who streams playing videogames as a hobby, and works at a pet store. He’s quite oblivious sometimes, which makes him easy to troll, and he’s unable to tell whether or not someone’s romantically interested in him.

Of course, first I need to finish adding Neil’s route to the game, before I can really work on other bachelors!

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