Finished up till chapter 12

So I just finished chapters 1 through 12, 12 being a turning point in Neil’s route.

I can’t spoil much, other than new characters are introduced, lots of new art for your eyes to feast on, and at least a 20 minute read for chapter 12 alone (it’s 5.5k words!).

That makes an official runtime of over an hour for chapters 1 – 12! This marks 1/3 of Neil’s route, and I’m going to estimate that his route will take 3 hours to complete.

Chapter 1 has a new scene, and some added effects. I need to wrap up the supporting characters’ sprite art and add their expressions to the game. Other than the missing expressions, it’s fully playable.

There’s two new CGs, one in chapter 8 and one in chapter 12. The first CG I’m still working on finishing up, and the CG from chapter 12 still needs to be drawn.

So I will need to finish this before the next beta:
– Character art with different outfits
– Character expressions for supporting characters
– CG 2 & 3

Depending on how far TDS is with programming the tailor system, you might also be able to create some clothing as a test. If he’s not that far by then, I will have to leave it out, and include it in the next beta.

The good news is, beta 0.2 is just around the corner! Hopefully by the end of the month it will be released :)

Since I can’t spoil much about chapter 12, here’s just a screenshot of a pretty background:screenshot_07

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