Tailor Tales beta 0.2

Tailor Tales
Beta v. 0.2

Download Windows

Windows mirror
Mac version not available.

Beta 0.2 is out now! You can read chapters 1 through 12 of Neil’s route. Chapter 1 has an added scene, so I highly recommend replaying from the beginning! Press the spacebar to skip through text quickly.

The clothing system hasn’t been added yet (still in development), purely novel reading at the moment.

New characters are introduced, new backgrounds, two new CGs, and some added voices! If you didn’t like Neil that much from the first beta, I highly recommend reading until chapter 12 – if you still don’t like his route, then I don’t know what will change your mind.

Save bug:
I forgot to turn on the save menu, so you CANNOT save in the beta. Luckily you can still jump towards the chapter you left off in, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

What can you do:
– You can customize your character
– You can read Neil’s first 12 chapters

What you can’t do:
– Click on any options in the menu besides Continue, Settings, Save and ?
– Create any clothing
– Anything else besides reading Neil’s chapters, really

What you don’t need to pay attention to:
– Titlescreen
– Save screen
– Character creation

Feedback I’m looking for:
– Did you like the added sound bites for Neil, the sighs and grunts? Or would you prefer to do without?
– Do you think the backgrounds are interesting enough?
– Do you like the new scene added with the grandma? (if you’ve played the first beta only)
– Would you prefer an actual drawn portrait sprite for the grandma?
– How long did it take you to complete chapters 1 through 12?
– How many fierce points and kind points did you score at the end?

Spoilers questions for those that haven’t played the beta, highlight to read:

– Were you initially fooled during chapter 12, thinking it was Neil?
– Did it become obvious the black haired man was Neil instead?
– Do you like or hate Neil’s new sprite?
– Did you spot the falling star?
– Did you like the CGs and which one was your favourite?
– Did the second CG properly display your selected hair colour and skin tone?
– Did your opinion of Neil change? Do you like him more now, or hate him even more?
– Which chapter did you enjoy the most?
– Do you want to know what happens next?
Please use the word **SPOILERS** in your comment if you’re answering the spoiler questions!

4 thoughts on “Tailor Tales beta 0.2

  1. Hi again! Really enjoyed the new chapters in the beta! Here’s my feed back:-

    – The new sound bites are great, make the game feel more ‘alive’. I like that you have added them.
    – Backgrounds look good to me, definitely interesting enough
    – I liked the scene with the grandma it was funny and endearing, in regards to there not being a portrait for her, it didnt bother me too much, if she had were to have one it would be nice but then you may need to change her appearance to line up with the MC, and since the MC is customizable. Though her having no resemblance at all with the MC wouldn’t be too strange either since shes a grandparent rather the mother or sister. Ok, in short I am saying her not having a portrait did not make the story less enjoyable at all.
    – I think I played it in about 40-50mins maybe an hour? ish?
    – I got 9 fierce and 9 kind points at the end, I think I was a bit nicer than last time, maybe because I played the last beta lol.


    – Yes I’m afraid I was fooled into thinking that the purple haired guy was Neil ><… I felt so bad after that
    but it was because I wasn't expecting him to be the nice black haired guy at all, I was expecting to have to go back and forth with him like usual in our conversations.
    – It was only after I unmasked the purple haired guy that I suspecting the black haired guy was probably Neil lol
    – I definitely like Neil's new sprite. I also like how he behaved at the masquerade ball, but it was so different from the Neil I was used to, though he was way more likeable.
    – I definitely want to read more! I'll be wacthing your blog for the next update judiciously…

    • Thanks for the feedback once more!

      Happy to hear you like the soundbites, I like them too. I actually have a lot of fun adding them to the scenes, especially Chapter 8 is super fun with these sounds.

      You raise a good point about the grandma having to look like the MC! I think because of the way you can customize her, I will not draw her mother or her grandma, but keep them as silhouettes (I will draw one for the mother as well).


      Most people seem to pick up that Neil is the black haired man as soon as the fake Neil is revealed hehe. It’s fun to see people’s reactions to the scene.

      So, do you like Neil more now, or still the same? I do promise in later chapters there will be more sweet moments, hah.

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