Character routes

Since the last beta, I’ve worked on fleshing out the routes of the other characters, as well as worked on the main menu of the game.

TDS is also still working on the clothing system, but the first part is almost done, so yay.

First, I want to introduce you to the 6th bachelor of the game:

This is Dimitri, the youngest of the bunch at 19 years old. He’s a pretty sweet guy, but is too shy to express his true feelings.

Aiden also got a make-over, I wasn’t satisfied with his design.

So let me introduce the guys to you and their routes! Each guy has its own story after all, and there is no common route in Tailor Tales. Aiden currently has no known route, I still need to brainstorm about him.


Now that the guys are introduced, who are you the most excited about to play?

2 thoughts on “Character routes

  1. OH MY GOD! X3 i’ll be following this blog just as closely as I follow yandere-sim (which is checking for updates like twice a day,) I just don’t want to miss anything!

    oh god…I hope that doesn’t make me sound stalker-ish…

    • Sometimes I wanna post updates for the most arbitrary things, but I figure it must bore people :p

      I’ll post the next update with a video of the clothing system in action, but first I have to finish a few pieces before I can show it off!

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