Designing some clothing!

Okay, TDS has come a long way, and most of the crafting part is finished. Just testing it thoroughly for any bugs and whatnot. Here’s a video of me creating a sailor uniform and some other dress.

Things to note:

– That high shrill ping SFX will be changed to something waaaay less annoying!
– All parts that have a subcategory name (neckline/waist/collar etc.) can have individual colours and patterns
– You can have loads of details you can place onto your design, but I think going over 100+ might make you lag haha
– I can always add on more designs to this plugin, so there will always be future updates adding more items for you to play with
– Currently only a limited amount of options are available, mostly tops/skirts combinations
– You’ll be able to use these designs and dress up your avatar

Screenshot of me creating the sailor uniform.

I’ve also started working on finishing up the options in the main menu (excluding the options on the right), meaning there’s a gallery, save button, character info etc.

Slowly adding more chapters for Neil, since I know some of you are dying to know what happens next. Sorry, I’m not as focused on the story at the moment! Working a lot on the clothing system instead.

Something to note: I’ve been saying Neil has 32 chapters, and I’ve cut it down to 30 at the moment. The amount of words remain the same, but I’ve merged a couple of chapters together since they weren’t very long (less than 1k words). In fact, I’ve been adding scenes entirely, so the wordcount is almost up to 70k right now.

2 thoughts on “Designing some clothing!

  1. This looks really good so far. I just have something to say about the new bachelor, Dmitri? He’s quite young, and the fact that in his route, the mc met him before when he was a minor and now meeting him again when he’s only 19, and he also happens to be the little brother of the mc’s ex-boyfriend, it just makes me a bit uncomfortable. Honestly what makes me the most uncomfortable is that he’s the younger brother of someone the mc has already dated, and the mc would likely start dating him even while knowing that, kinda puts me off playing his route. I don’t know if you would consider changing his back-story a bit so he has no relation to mc’s ex-boyfriend at least? If not its fine, I’ll just play the other routes. I know that a lot of the other players might not have any issues with his current story as is, so If its too much work to change his backstory then it’s fine, I’m still looking forward to when this game is completed.

    • Sorry to hear Dimitri’s story is not your thing! But that’s most definitely his plot and I will not be changing the core (that you dated his older brother). I was inspired by another story where the MC met a boy when she was young, and later when they met again she was already in a relationship. I’m simply making the relationship she’s in his older brother for maximum drama, as well as the fact he’s younger than her.

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