Next beta coming soon!

I just finished wrapping up chapter 18, which are all the chapters that will be included in the next beta. Neil’s story is now at 41k words for the next beta, with one extra CG to be unlocked.

TDS has said if I wait a little bit more, I can release the beta with a working tailoring system. So we’re just waiting on TDS and then the beta can be released! Hopefully it’ll be in the first week of May.

I’ll be creating a crude tutorial for the beta, sorry about that! It’ll be a quick and dirty job.

I’m excited to see you all try the tailoring system. It will include the option to create tops, skirts and dresses. As well as the dress-up system, which lets you personalize your avatar. You can dress your avatar with the clothing pieces you’ve created, of course!

Here’s a screenshot of the dress-up in action:

Tailor Tales v 03 - Screenshot 24

I’ll try to add a couple of more hairstyles and other styling options, but since it’s a beta, lots of options will still be missing. But with what is available right now should still be plenty to play around with!

The cool thing is, you can take a screenshot of your creations and share it with the rest of us. Please share, I’m dying to see what people will make haha.

I should probably mention; I’m completely open to suggestions. You want a certain hairstyle? Shoes perhaps? Just show me an example, and I’ll try to make it! No guarantees though :)

5 thoughts on “Next beta coming soon!

    • Thank you for these suggestions! You made me realize: I do not have mint green! Yikes. Time to add those assortment of colours. As for your cute dress pictures, that’s something you’re actually already able to make. So you’ll feel just at home :)

      There won’t be any hair accessories just yet, but they are planned. I’m going to go and add mint green to the game now.

      Edit: I added mint green to the game now! I’m sure you’ll like what you can do with it:

    • I actually do have a similar looking hairstyle already, but that one does look neat. Too bad that’s mostly a hairstyle that’s awesome from the back, not so much from the front haha. Have to have something interesting in the front at least :)

      I’m mostly looking at other anime shows for inspiration as well.

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