Happy to announce some voice acting

As I experimented in the beta, I gave Neil a limited amount of soundbites that you can hear during the story.

Not a single one of you disliked these, instead, everyone thought it added to the story, it made Neil feel more like Neil.

So I went out there and got myself some other voice actors for the other bachelors as well! I’ve managed to snare some very talented people, and James (Bradley Gareth), Aiden (Belsheber Rusape), Caine (Jared Raman) and Sam (P.M. Seymour) are already finished.

Hopefully I can get to add Dimitri’s soundbites in the next beta release! I’m pretty excited to continue adding Dimitri’s route. I haven’t finished writing up his route yet, but I’m at 30k words in, another 40k to go!

And because updates aren’t as interesting without screenshots, here’s a new background and a mock-up of the clothing system when you’re tailoring for clients.


Did you know Dimitri’s first 2 chapters alone needed 6 unique backgrounds? When it comes to creating backgrounds, I surprisingly don’t skimp out as much as I thought I would. Then again, I did go for this art style so that I was able to easily create backgrounds without spending hours and hours on them.

There are 34 unique backgrounds in Tailor Tales so far! Not counting the day/night variations.

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