Back from vacation!

I’m back from my vacation, although I’m still taking a break since I’ll be spending the next three weeks with family and friends who came to visit me.

That doesn’t mean I’ve been dormant! It’s excruciating to see the people making bug reports and I couldn’t fix it, aarrghhh.

Anyways, people mentioned that when creating some bottoms, the image wouldn’t show up. Woops. Let’s chalk it up to the Emperor’s New Clothes, eh? It’ll be fixed in the next release :)

During my vacation, I’ve worked on Aiden’s route some more and fleshed out the plot with a clear goal in mind. Personally, it’s probably my favourite plot because it has a mix of being grounded in reality, to being over the top. I’ve always wanted to write about a character like him, so I hope I can make him shine! He’s probably got the best passionate ending as well, hah.

To those curious, I made a graph on how my progress works when creating bachelors and writing for them.

(To compare, Neil is at step “Complete script”, Dimitri is at step “Repeat last 5 steps”, and Aiden is at step “Write important scenes and plan out CGs”)

Completing the script itself takes several months, but I’m working on several bachelors simultaneously so that’s why it’s taking so long to wrap things up.

The next thing that eats up a lot of my time is adding the chapters to the game – having to set each expression the character sprite should have, picking out the background, and then adding each line one by one, and testing it out over and over again so that you catch spelling mistakes and other miscellaneous bugs. It’s very time consuming.

This is why, even though Neil’s script is finished, he’s not fully added to the game yet (that, plus I’m missing his CGs).

Surprisingly, backgrounds take the least amount of time to finish. This is due to deliberately choosing a simple art style and perspective. Backgrounds can take 1-2 hours each.

Next beta goal: add Neil’s chapters up until the story splits into two endings. Add a working client side so you can make clothes to progress the story.

One thought on “Back from vacation!

  1. Looking at your work-chart – that’s a lot of effort you put in creating the game. Amazing! ヾ(。・ω・)シ

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