One large part that hasn’t been added to Tailor Tales yet: the ability to design clothing for clients and earn money.

This money will then be used to purchase either more clothing parts, or to purchase the next chapter in the story.

Sometimes, you’ll have to design something specific to continue the story, either for a client or for yourself.

And we’ve finally made progress programming wise!

Here’s Angela requesting a dress from you:

Tailor Tales v 1.1 - Screenshot 29
Tailor Tales v 1.1 - Screenshot 30

When designing clothing for clients, the client will randomly generate something based on your current clothing parts (important clients tied to the story will not be random!), and you have to make it match with the preview. When done, you’ll earn money and experience.

The more experience you have, the more gold you get from each completed client request.

To make sure that making these clothes doesn’t become too frustrating, I made sure that you can always delete a client if it’s too impossible for you to make (can’t delete important clients though). I also grouped colours, so you don’t need to match the exact shade of red, as long as it’s red!

The downside to deleting/refusing a client, is that you will lose your current completion streak. If you complete 4 requests in a row, you’ll get bonus exp. If you delete one during this streak, you’ll lose it and it resets back to 1.

The less clothing parts you have, the easier these requests are. The more clothing parts you own, and the harder it’ll become to match the client’s request!

The next beta will have the client system added! This means you will no longer be able to read chapters one after another freely. You’ll have to work for it :)

A God Mode (which the previous betas currently have enabled) to obtain all clothing parts and all chapters without restrictions will be planned in the future as a perk.

4 thoughts on “Clients

  1. I love this game so much! I can’t wait to see what you do with it, I’m so pumped for Neil’s endings and am so eager to see the other stories. Thank you so much for making this, I’ve played the betas about ten times XD

    • It’ll be a lot of work to get this added and tested, but I’ll try my best :)

      Plus, I’ll be adding Neil’s chapters 21-25 as well.

  2. I Really Like Niel’s Route!!!! I am also interested in Caine’s Route! and By the I LOVE THE ART!!!!!!!!!!!

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