Android version

Since RPG Maker MV allows porting to Android, I’m thinking about letting people play Tailor Tales on android system – but only the story would be available. None of the designing of the clothing would be there, as it would be too difficult to navigate on a small handheld system, plus it would bloat the system by a lot of MB.

An android version of Tailor Tales will NOT include any designing, and will only contain the stories of the bachelors. Are you interested in it still?

2 thoughts on “Android version

  1. I remember when you first came out with the concept of Tailor Tales back in 2009. I still remember when it was still a kind of top-down pixel art concept. For some reason, you popped back into my mind today, out of the blue. I am so pleased to see that you are still working on your “baby”, and it looks fantastic! Now that I’ve found your blog, I am looking forward to seeing more progress in the future. All the best with your endeavors!

    • It’s been a long journey! I had to scrap out the free world roaming top-down view I had in mind, because it didn’t correlate to an immersive romance story, so I switched to VN.

      I hope to be able to add at least one full route to the game, and call it a working demo :)

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