Back in action!

My month long break is finally over (to be fair, I did work on it some), so it’s time to get back in action and push out Tailor Tales’ next update.

Considerate progress has been made regarding clients and shops. The player can now design clothing to earn money, and buy items from the shop.

Tailor Tales v 1.3 - Screenshot 15Tailor Tales v 1.3 - Screenshot 16

Each shop will have its own individual background as well as shopkeeper (Sam works at the Hair Salon, and James at the Carpentry!), but those are low priority at the moment. As long as it works, right? Haha.

This does mean in the next update, you won’t have all items given to you for free anymore. You’ll have to work for it! Gold cost as well as gold earnings is something I’ll have to finetune based on people’s experience if it’s too hard to earn gold, or too easy.

You’ll also have to design certain clothes now to progress further into the story … or at least, that’s something I’m going to try to implement for the next beta, but I’m not 100% sure it’ll be included yet.

Who doesn’t want to see the masquerade dress though!?

I was planning on redesigning the menu, but at the moment that’s a bit too much effort, so I’ll leave that for the next beta. The new menu would simply include more options, such as the ability to load, pick out which chapter you’d like to read, and maybe even read a bachelor’s first chapter/read a trailer to try them out before you pick them.

The next beta will keep the previous menu design, so nothing will change on that front.

I’ve also finished drawing Neil’s 5th CG. This one took me forever because I couldn’t get Neil’s face right aarrghh. I’ve redrawn him 4 times … 4!! Also, it’s a lovely CG, because it’s the first one that shows Joselina’s face in it – so it’ll reflect your choices of skin/eye/hair colour.



I found a voice for him. When I created each bachelor, I came up with a vague storyline and what their personality would be like. Neil, Dimitri and Caine came naturally. Aiden took a rework, and after that it was smooth as butter to write his scenes.

The only ones left … Sam and James.


Sam was the hardest for me to grasp, I couldn’t bring myself to write a single scene for him. I just couldn’t find his voice; it was hard to write him. Well, I spend a few days brainstorming about him (and playing other otome games), and I realize I needed to change something about him.

Once I did, Sam’s voice was finally heard! I now have a clear image in my head of what Sam is like, how he responds to things, and what his storyline will branch out into. I’m finally excited to write Sam’s scenes!

All that’s left is James, the second most popular bachelor due to his mysteriousness.

Because James is so popular, I haven’t attempted to touch him just yet. He’s still mostly a blank slate and anything can change. I’ve got a general storyline and a vague idea of his personality, but nothing is really sticking yet. I will have to brainstorm about him, too. I just hope I won’t disappoint people.

As for writing progress, I’ve written one more scene for Caine, and a couple for Dimitri. Dimitri’s story is now at 40k, but due to it being written in a non-chronological order, I can’t release them just yet.

I realized I had too much content planned for Dimitri that I had to remove some scenes I had in mind, hah.

Anyways, next month should be the next beta release, and it should include 10k more words for Neil’s route!

And a shout out to FlamingDiva for creating this lovely dress:

Want to take screenshots as well? Simply go to Outfits and click the camera icon in the top left, select a background and click “done” to generate a screenshot!

8 thoughts on “Back in action!

  1. That’s a lot of work for you and so many options for players. It’ll be interesting to actually ‘work for’ level up :D Do you plan to make an option only for reading the story, like it’s in the current demo?

    • It’s designed in a way to make it easy for players who are only interested in the story to progress without putting in a ton of effort. The cost for each chapter rises, but it should still be affordable. You’re still going to have to play through the minigame to earn money though.

      A ‘read only’ option (and in that case, a ‘design only’ option) is probably going to be added as a perk that you unlock if you donate to the game, like a DLC of some kind.

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