12 thoughts on “Trailer!

    • Yep, the voices for the cast has already been finished a while ago, I’m really happy with them! The only downside is that Neil’s voice, being an experiment and all, is now on the lower end of quality, so I may have to replace him in the future.


    sorry for that, couldn’t stop the fangirling from getting out. XD
    I haven’t been this pumped for something since my first kamicon! (which, for reference, was mark as the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! I had gotten a HUG from EDWARD ELRIC!!!)

  2. Oh my! I’m really all hyped up knowing the next beta will come out soon! I’ve been checking news on the Itchio page frequently.
    I also tried to make some friends play the game~ anyway I’m reaaaally happy now! I hope there’ll be enough chapters to satisfy meee even if I’m pretty sure it’ll never be enough for me!
    Anyway, good luck with this project and keep it up! I really love what you do ★

    • If you want to check up on updates, then this blog should be your first stop! :) I only update the itch.io page when there’s a new update to be released. The blog will contain in-progress reports.

      And if you really can’t wait on development reports, you can follow my Twitter where I’ll tweet about some gamedev related things every day. Warning: full of spoilers though.

      And thank you for getting your friends to play it!

      • I’m not really into Twitter, but I went to check it and I noticed your Neil-Zuko. Lol! I was the one who stated it in the feedback thread haha it really made me chuckle to see your crossover! Really loved it
        Can’t wait to touch Dimitri’s abs as well haha lmaaoo! Unless you made this a fake to deceive us! *gasp*

        • Ahaha – no you were right, the colour scheme is totally the same. Zuko is way more adorable though! :D

          Too bad you got spoiled with the latest CG – but Dimitri’s abs are still a mystery since I didn’t tweet those. Time to play the newest update and find out, no?

          • The flustered Neil is also almost as adorable as Zuko tho’~! I won’t say just as much because Zuko still is my spiritual boyfriend lolol. But Neil’s hot! *sweat remembering the scenes*;;;

            Haha tbh I don’t mind to be a bit spoiled because I’m a veeerryyy impatient person. I finished the 1.3 in a few hours and now I’m kindly waiting for you to send me all the scripts you made so fa–/shots

            • Ohoho, you like spoilers. Well here’s two excerpts from both the guy’s endings:

              “Neil, you’re usually so eloquent with words – what’s gotten you all tongue tied now?” I say. I want to rub it in his face that Neil’s fumbling over his words.

              “I definitely do not like that part of you,” Neil grumbles.

              And Dimitri:
              “I … I met you first. But … it didn’t work out that way. Next time we met, you were already my brother’s girlfriend. I couldn’t do anything but watch. I stood on the sidelines, I kept it all inside.”

          • Oh myyy! That’s the sweetest spoiler ever!
            I never thought Dimitri could be this selfish-cute. Like, it never came to me that he thought he was first, but life got unfair haha
            I used to think he was cute but never thought much of it, but now I might be looking forward to see him more~

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