Tailor Tales beta 1.3 update!

Tailor Tales v 1.3 - Screenshot 16

Download Tailor Tales beta 1.3 here.

– Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let you create bottoms
– New introduction and character selection
– Shops added
– You can now design clothing for clients
– Chapters now cost money to proceed, or require clothing items
– Autoread option added
– Neil’s chapters 21 through 25 added (17k words)
– Dimitri’s chapters 4 through 6 added (8k words)
– 2 CGs added
– Markus & Evelin now have working expressions
– Added Angela’s dress
– Many more backgrounds added
– Minor graphical changes to various graphics
– Characters can now run off the screen (I’m looking at you, Neil)
– Added a couple of new hairstyles and item accessories
– Added a beginner tutorial
– GodMode removed

Your previous save file will not work in this version. Please delete the previous version, or install the new one in a different folder. Previous beta players can still play where they left off by indicating so during the introduction.

GodMode is removed in this version – you no longer have access to all items from the start, neither can you read the story while skipping all requirements. You now have to earn money to progress the story, as reading costs money and it scales up with each chapter.

Everyone will now have to be forced to go through the introduction as well as the designing tutorial. I’m not taking any chances with people pressing “no” on the tutorial and skip it.

Decorate is still not an available option in this version. You can finally shop though – although the backgrounds for the shops still aren’t finished, neither are the shopkeepers.

Neil’s route splits in chapter 25 into the Passionate ending or the Innocent ending. Try re-reading chapters and pick different answers to read both versions of chapter 25! This does mean that Neil’s route, from here on out, is officially split. Each ending has two chapters, a CG unique to that ending, and a shared epilogue. That means, there’s only 3 more chapters left to go until Neil’s route is complete!

I wanted to re-design the in-game menu, but that will be saved for a different update. This update will still have the old version. Sometimes the CG gallery behaves a bit glitchy and will display the previous CG you saw, instead of the one you clicked.

Mac version will be released sometime after the PC version is out.

Questionnaire for those that have played beta 1.3:

1. What is your gender and age?
2. Where did you find out about Tailor Tales?
3. Is the art style appealing to you, or did it take some convincing?
4. Which (available) character is your favourite?
5. What’s your favourite scene?
6. What’s your favourite CG?
7. Which character would you like to be available next?
8. How many fierce points and how many kind points did you get at the end of each route?
9. How much tailoring experience and gold did you end up having at the end?
10. Was it difficult getting gold to purchase the chapters, or was it easy?
11. Was it difficult re-creating garments that were important clients? I.e. the masquerade dress, Angela’s dress, or the opera dress.
12. Favourite aspect of the game?

If you encountered a bug, please follow these steps:
– Please take a screenshot of the bug in question, or give me a detailed description.
– Give me a detailed description of the things you did right before the bug happened (i.e. you clicked on a dress and suddenly everything malfunctioned.)
– If you got stuck at a chapter and or important clients, please let me know which chapter and which character you are on.

When you get an error after creating a new game:
You’re running an older version, please delete this folder, re-download the game and play again, it should be fixed! :)

29 thoughts on “Tailor Tales beta 1.3 update!

  1. Hi, I”m having trouble with the masquerade ball outfit. I’ve gotten all the materials from the shop and made the dress exactly like the reference picture (even the colours are the same) but I still keep getting the ‘thats not what the client wants..’. I have a screenshot but I don’t know how to post it here?

  2. 1. 17, female
    2. I found it while searching on itch.io
    3. It’s not as detailed and realistic as I’m used to, but it’s charming in its own way. The backgrounds, though simple, are still nice, and both the CGs and character designs are great.
    4. I’ve only played Neil so far, since more of his is done, and I’ve both started and finished what’s available of his route today >.<
    5. I loved when the MC took photos of her and Neil XD Both photos were so cute and his expressions were priceless! Aside from that, I really like the later chapters when they're able to relax around each other and show their romantic chemistry :)
    6. The photos^^
    7. Hard to choose! Aiden, Dimitri, and Sam are the most intriguing to me, in no particular order. Although I'm leaning toward Sam, because I have a (premature XD) theory about his "mysterious sister".
    8. 15 fierce and 18 kind for Neil.
    9. 3760 experience and 390 gold.
    10. The increases in gold earned per client made the purchases both for items and chapters easy to accomplish.
    11. Angela's dress and the opera dress were easy. The masquerade dress, however, proved problematic. Perhaps it's just me, but I had to purchase a couple of the laces and many colors before I finally got the exact ones that I needed. It might be helpful to add the options of having the needed purchases indicated in the store or on a list next to the assignment on the client list.
    12. There are many things:
    I loved that the MC had agency. It wasn't like many games of this type, where he's always the one to make the first move. There was more than one spot in Neil's path where the MC could choose for herself to initiate a kiss and such. (On the other hand, I disliked the opposite at the masquerade ball, where she had no choice in the matter of kissing Neil.)
    The character designs I've seen in-game and on this site are all really cute and aesthetically pleasing. I love them!
    ANGELAAAAA!! I love her so much! Her confidence and protectiveness are great, and I really like the dynamic between her and Neil. You did an amazing job showing the familial chemistry between them.
    Neil blushing makes me very happy :D Blushing is always cute, but it's even better coming from a generally more moody character.

    • Glad you seemed to like Neil’s route! Thank you for playing :D

      A little tip about matching colours: remember the default colours you started with? Those are all the ones you technically need! Colours are grouped (so you’ve got red, yellow, orange, blue, green etc.), so you don’t need the exact colour to match. It’s not a tip I show in-game since I kind of wanted people to put their very best effort into it haha.

      I’ll think about adding a way to let the player know which items are needed for the clothing (perhaps a walkthrough).

      Angela is a ball of sass and class, I’m happy you ended up liking her! She was a blast to write whenever she was in the same scene. She and MC are also pretty fun to write together.

      You’re the second person to mention you have a theory about Sam’s sister. I’m curious to hear it ;)

      If you’re into Dimitri, I suggest checking him out either way! His route is about an hour long at the moment, and will have more chapters in the next update.

      • Damn, so bought a whole bunch of colors for nothing XD But it’s not really a big deal, since they’re so inexpensive anyway. Besides, it was highly satisfying when I finally got it right!

        On the topic of walkthroughs, I don’t know if this is a glitch or just something extremely small that I can’t see, but I’ve run into one or two clients where the images match perfectly but it still says something is missing. Normally it’s that I missed something small, like the sparkle pattern, and I can catch it, but with some for the life of me I can’t find what’s wrong despite studying the picture. Might you add something like a hint to indicate what’s wrong, or not since regular requests can be thrown out anyway?

        She was so goddamn entertaining, and one of those characters who proves you can disapprove of a character’s actions while still liking them and understanding where they’re coming from. Her general attitude is admirable, and I like that her alcoholism was treated as an actual problem she needs to get help with and not just a funny personality trait. As it became more apparent that it was a serious problem she had, not just an occasional thing like it seemed upon her introduction, I was afraid it was going to glossed over as humorous instead of serious, and I’m glad that you didn’t do that, and that she even took the steps to recovery on her own. Side characters are often not given nearly as much thought or effort as main characters, but Angela feels just as real as the others, and I really like her subplot. Also, another thing I really appreciate about her character: No one is shaming her for her sexuality. I see that crap everywhere, but Angela is allowed to dress more revealing, etc. and it’s not treated as a bad thing. Just how she is. That’s awesome.

        Well, when I read mysterious sister he doesn’t like to talk about… I feel like most people would assume there was a falling out between them, but my initial thought was that there is no sister. Rather that he’s trans, and the ‘sister’ people know about is him before he externally began identifying as male. Of course he wouldn’t want to talk about her–she’d represent him still being in the closet about it. Scared. He’d want the past to stay in the past. I know there’s a low chance I’m right, so I’m already letting the disappointment settle in, but it was a nice thought >.<

        Huh, I didn't know it was that long. I guess I'll just have to check it out then :) Will Neil's route be finished in the next update as well?? I would assume you wouldn't be working on Dimitri if the further along route isn't finished. Is there a scheduled day for the next update, or will it be released just whenever you finish it?

        • Hmm, seems that bug still persists – unable to complete a random client despite matching it perfectly. We’ve been trying really hard to iron out that bug, and after I tested out like 200+ clients I didn’t see the issue anymore and thought it was fixed.

          The good thing is; this is why you can delete them, so you don’t get stuck with a client you can never complete.

          Do you remember what type of clothing it was that got you stuck? Top/skirt/dress/bottom? Anything special that you remember about the clothing you had to make, such as the colour/pattern, whether it had sleeves or not etc. Any info helps!

          (My programmer joked it’s not a bug, it’s a feature; we added in clients who are assholes and aren’t satisfied with what you make even though it’s exactly what they requested!)

          Aww, makes me happy that you see Angela that way. She’s indeed a character with issues, I didn’t want to gloss over it. She’s modeled a little bit after my own sister, who has also struggled with alcohol, but cleaned herself up afterwards. I definitely didn’t want to turn this into a ‘gag’. Angela deserves more than that.

          Pretty much every character struggles with something, and while it may seem superfluous and shallow on the surface, I do want them to eventually battle their demons. A good example would be Aiden (he’s not yet available), he suffers from social anxiety which is played for a bunch of laughs, but it has real consequences.

          As for your theory about Sam’s sister … my lips are sealed ;) but there will definitely be a reveal though!

          Neil’s route should hopefully be finished in the next update, though don’t quote me on that, I might decide to delay it. Dimitri will have a few added chapters in the next update. Updates come around every month or two, no specific date, just whenever I’ve got enough new content to be released. You can always check the blog for updates, since I’ll announce it when it’s getting close.

          • Yes, I can check it. The first one was a dress. The top part is a hug shoulder neckline in the default blue with the sparkle pattern in white. The skirt part is above knee A-line in default orange with a default blue waistband. The second one I’m having issues with is a shirt. Plunge in one of the darker oranges with the more sort of spirally lace design. Hot pink mid section with the polka dots in the dark grey color they’re at as a default. Gloves in one of the darker yellows.

            Haha, that’s great XD

            She does, and I’m really glad with how she’s been treated :)

            I’m highly looking forward to Aiden because of his social anxiety. I know the feeling. It’s an awful thing to deal with, and I often get the feeling that it’s not taken seriously. I work in fast food and recently worked the register for the first time. I was already very uncomfortable at having to struggle at something new to me in front of strangers, but also one of my first customers found my obvious discomfort funny and took it upon himself to tease me. Like it was funny. And he seemed so damn amused and proud of himself for making me extra miserable. I’m glad to know it will be taken seriously here.

            Damn, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see >.<

            Hey, at least I can realistically hope, then!

            • Thank you for mentioning it! You can always upload screenshots if you’d like haha. Also, just to be sure, which version are you playing? Click on Settings > FAQ in the main menu to get the version number.

              Sorry to hear you’re dealing with social anxiety yourself. Aiden’s route might hit a little too close to home for you then, because it’s definitely not portrayed positive in his route (after all, it causes problems for him). On the other hand, you’d relate to him pretty well in his first chapter because … he has to work behind a register haha. The MC however, will get pretty impatient with him and tease him relentlessly (if you choose so). To deal with his own social anxiety, Aiden also kind of went to the dark side … but hey, that’s too many spoilers ;)

              And of course, there’s no reason to get scared; I will be releasing updates! The game will always be released in small updates, each time having a few chapters for a character to read through. Think of it as waiting for your favourite fanfiction to finally get a new chapter again :D

          • It’s version 1.3.1.

            Yeah, it likely will, but if it’s done well, I’ll consider it a good thing. I really look forward to his route :)

            Haha, yeah. I’m super excited for it, especially now that I’ve read the available seven chapters of Dimitri’s story. Speaking of which…

            *fangirlish squealing in the distance*

            I was really looking forward to him because he seemed like he’s be the adorably shy type and he is and oh my god he’s so fucking adorable and I love him. I had to stop multiple times to muffle myself with my hand so no one would hear me freaking out. He kills me so much. I love him. Neil was interesting, even if I didn’t particularly like what felt like rushed development at the beginning (although it turned out to be an interesting dynamic, because they were getting physical and THEN were trying to figure out where they stood). But I fucking love Dimitri. I can’t wait for more of him <3

            • And I made another Dimitri fan!

              Dimitri best boy <3

              I actually had to cut down on the amount of content I had planned for him because it was too much, hah. I really enjoy torturing the poor guy, so there's lots of scenes where you can get him flustered. Chapter 7, 8 and 9 are going to be wonderful (don't worry, these will be included in the update).

              I'm actually a pretty big proponent for getting the MC involved with the guys before the end. Which usually means kissing half way through the story. I find this way more organic, because I got pretty sick and tired of the ‘chaste kiss endings’ otome games are such a fan of. I want some physical contact midway!

              That said, Dimitri’s route is pretty innocent in that regard, it won’t happen until much later. This will definitely be your favourite route :D

          • It hurts me to hear there was potential content I won’t get to see D: Will there ever be another game or something to expand on these stories? You probably haven’t thought that far ahead, seeing as you haven’t even finished half of this game alone XD Aaaaaah, I can’t wait to make him be flustered some more :D Teasing him like that is great :D

            Oh, it’s not that I had a problem with it being early in the game. I’m also a fan of that–I’m good with the kiss-at-the-end type of ones too, but I like it being more developed like this more. It was just that I felt there wasn’t enough substance there? It didn’t bother me that it was fast so much as that it felt to me like they didn’t have enough of a reason? Honestly it might just be because I’m ace that I see it that way >.< I get the feeling of physicality being rushed a lot XD Or it might be because I read it all so fast XD

            I bet it's going to be adorable <3 Although I'm still looking forward to Aiden and Sam, so I guess we'll see if you can top this feeling :D

            • I am leaving the option for future side stories to be added, so there’s that! But yeah, I need to finish the main ones first haha.

              When I playtest, I never pick the second option for Dimitri … I want to tease him.

              Hmm, perhaps it has to do with being ace – it has a lot to do with sexual tension. The MC got swept up in the fairy tale like aspect of the ball, so the first kiss was just acting on pure attraction. From that moment on, the attraction has been established, and the MC feels conflicted because now she knows it’s Neil, but eventually both of their attraction to one another leads them to Chapter 16 – another kiss. It’s not so much emotional here as it is physical – the emotional part came later.

              I feel like seeing Neil’s PoV would help out much more haha. I’d love to write his PoV for the ball.

          • Haha, I’m not sure I’ve picked the second option at all XD If I have, it was rare. Teasing him is just too much fun XD

            That explains it then >.< I have a hard time getting into it when it's not emotional, because on a personal level, I don't really get the appeal of the physical/sexual intimacy outside of doing it for the emotional intimacy. I'm a fan of slow-burning romances, since relationship development is so important to me. Sometimes I'm just in a mood and am into in. In this case, once they were further along and being natural together, I was liking the idea of it :)

            That would be quite interesting to see :) It'd be cool to see the POV of all the guys through these events with them.

  3. Hey, this version came along greatly since the last time I have played it. Note: I’ve started playing Neil’s route from chapter 21 onwards, since I’ve played your previous versions.

    1. Female, 27 years old

    2. I am a LSF regular so I saw your thread in the work in progress section

    3. I like it very much.

    4. ahaha…I feel like I can’t really answer that. Neil’s route is the longest out of the only two available bachelors, so it’s much easier to get invested into his. On the other hand, Dimitri is such tall sweetheart who can bake and cook. Plus, he learns really fast to bite back when Sarah gives him crap.

    Neil’s route:
    – ball scene and where he tells the MC giver her some tips to advertise her shop after Angela had an accident.
    -I think I generally like all the scenes that portrait her modern technologies troubles. It is neat and sweet way to give her some understandable flaws in terms of skills and her business. (not everyone owns a smartphone or even needs one – unless you are in a business.)
    -Angela dropping the truth bomb over Neil’s head after her accident. That little shit needs to stop acting like that or MC will drop him….
    -uhm, basically everything after chapter 23? I like how they get much more comfortable around each other.
    – Neil’s mother visiting MC’s boutique had an unexpected turn of conversation. I hope her being…displeased with her husband play a more important role in the future.

    Dimitri’s route:
    – birthday cake baking scene was really great.

    6. I haven’t seen all, but the kiss CG in Neil’s route was really good. Or his “I’m so done with your shit” face when taking a photo. Or the scene where he points out that MC has some crème from those Belgian waffles on her nose (he is more attractive in it then he normally is.)

    7. Maybe Sam or James.

    8. I don’t really know. I am sorry. I think with Neil I had about 55% fierce and 45% kind points?

    9. Not much gold left. I’ve burnt through nearly everything to get more clothing styles and fabric.Bought one hairstyle, one eye option, the polka dots tight, the glasses and the laced up boots. Ended up with 2500+ XP

    10.It’s okay

    11. No, it was pretty fun.

    12. – The variety of expressions and the sprites. If the text says that Neil takes of his tie then we see him without his tie in the next moment.
    – The CGs and the fact that they have eye blinking animations.
    – Mentioning the MC’s sexual desires in a realistic way e.g physical attractions/arousal and NOT constantly mention how pretty guy looks ->
    | wants to unbutton the shirt a little bit more/liking the sight of his collarbone exposed vs. generic otome “oh, he looks so handsome. I feel myself heating up” boring blah blah.
    | MC wants intimacy on her own, fantasizing about it vs. MC only thinks about intimacy when LI starts getting intimate with her
    -The backgrounds. They are simplistic, clean, appropriate and properly convey what location it is. It fits the overall style and doesn’t distract from the sprites or text. Nor do they look unimaginative, sterile or uhm…sorta awkward. Free background assets are cool and practical, especially since backgrounds are hard and tiresome to drawn…but I really appreciate some self-made backgrounds that makes the game feel in sync with it’s art assets.
    – The tailoring aspect. I like that we have a proper amount of colors, cuts and patterns at our disposal. Most games’ color palette for their character creator or crafting stuff stinks. At least some developers are starting to pick up to include some color mixer in their CC to create custom colors.

    “Breath of the Link” and the Zelda hearts on Dimitri’s hoodie Lol…..is that an easter egg =D?

    This error message pops up when CG “Neil flattened against the mirror” is shown:
    ”Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘width’ of null.”

    • Peculiar you found that error when trying to look at some CGs, First time it happened with CGs! But I’ll look into a different way of displaying them so hopefully that will get fixed next update.

      Seems you got more kind points than fierce points, considering you’re describing the Innocent Ending route, hehe.

      Thank you for mentioning the expressions! They are created on the fly, with currently 138 expressions available, and I create more whenever the scene calls for it. Even Neil’s dad can make these expressions :D I also try to give everyone more dynamic sprites (easily seen with Dimitri who takes off his vest, or his glasses), to make up for the fact that I don’t give them poses.

      The backgrounds are kept deliberately simple so I can create more of them without spending hours and hours drawing a single background. They take about an hour to complete, give or take. But hey, it works for the game and it matches pretty well, so simplistic in this case is not a bad thing as you say.

      Oh right, I forgot to ask a question about the MC! What do you think of her so far? She’ll have slightly different personalities depending on which route you are on, but that’s mainly how she’ll interact with the guys.

      Thanks for playing again by the way!

      • Hi!
        Hehe, looks like I’ve miscalculated my fierce/kind points. And…wow. So many expressions. I should mention that I’ve encountered the CG bug when I was skipping the text with space bar.

        Regarding the MC, I like her. She feels human and not like some contrived character type that got some generic flaws added to not make her what people call a “Mary Sue”. I like her kid reactions toward the pink dress and her other “tomboyish” tendencies. I was just like that when I was a small child. I often started crying when people wanted me in a dress. But as you got older your taste matures and you know that it is okay to like certain things for yourself, not because people tell you that this is the way you have to dress. (Note: I prefer sporty, chic or classy styled clothes. I really really like Coco Chanel’s clothes. Not necessarily all Chanel’s stuff but Coco Chanel. And that’s coming from someone who ran around mostly in black and a bit metal/goth in my teens )

        Modifying her personality depending on which route she is on is a smart and realistic thing to do. I’ve played a lot of otome routes were the MC and her Love Interest leave you thinking: “But why? This doesn’t work out at all. How comes he loves her? This is so unbelievable. They don’t match in personality, ethics and favourite hobbies or skills at all.” So, please do it if you feel that this is what you need to do. I think it is a good thing to do to make the relationship believable.

  4. Hmn, hello, I download the new beta but when I click in new game , just after the Celine image, the error message appear :
    ” Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘width’ of null.

    • Please read the blog post next time:

      When you get an error after creating a new game:
      You’re running an older version, please delete this folder, re-download the game and play again, it should be fixed! :)

  5. That will be a long post. :D I’ve been taking notes as I played, just to remember what I want to say, when I’m finished. ^^

    For first playthrough I went with Dimitri, just to see his extra content and test new system. I’ve found client system to be fun and I liked creating clothes for money. I’m a bit of a hoarder in games, so earning money was addictive – unfortunately I don’t remember how much I’ve earned on Dimitri route, but I have the amount I’ve got on Neil’s route. The mannequin for clients clothes was very helpful and the factor that I could earn more after doing a lot of orders and gaining experience was satisfactionary. Also, buying new items like patterns and colours was fun – I’ve felt like I have the real business where I offer more after time goes. I haven’t had problems with earning money to read the next chapter, so I didn’t find it difficult to meet the bar. Dimitri’s new content was absolute my favourite – I like this boy so much :D And I just noticed that I like Sarah’s voice?? Like, it’s well matched. I’ve got 8f and 1k points on this route.
    Aaand I have some questions, about Dimitri’s route and client system overall.
    1. Does list of clients run off at some point in chapter you’re at or is the list endless? What I want to know, is there a limit of money you can earn in chapter?
    2. Is there a way to hide a dialogue box? I wanted to see Dimitri’s strech marks more clearly. :D
    3. About Alex – I liked how Dimitri talks about his brother using his full name. I have a feeling that he distances himself from him, always had. How Sarah’s trashed Alex’s car – precious, even if a little too much vengeful for my tastes. If it isn’t too spoilery (or maybe you plan to reveal it later in game), I’d like to know: why Alex cheated on MC? And who send the pictures? Will there be an encounter with Alex in the future? I imagine, it’d be rather hard not to meet him, if Dimitri and MC will be together at some point. I just hope there’ll be an option to either ignore him or say something nasty. :D
    I noticed one bug on this route: when Sarah’s leaving after dinner in MC’s flat she says MC’s default name “Joselina”; the line goes something like that: “Just because I’m gone…”.

    Now, about Neil. I played for nearly 4 hours, just because I wanted to start fresh and lost myself in clothes creation. ^^ Money! Also, I’ve got another MC for each date. At the end, I’ve got 27f and 6k points, earned 72750 coins and 4120 experience. I didn’t find difficult creating special clothes, as I had enough gold to purchase necessary items.
    New content – wooow :D Angela, I’m proud of you, even if you’re a mischievous little demon. Meeting Neil’s mother and going still with the fiencee charade – I feel your pain, MC. It’ll be fun seeing how this turn about, but I have a feeling, that Evelyn (sorry if I spelled the name wrong) knows something is off. Call it an instinct. And I’m curious about her remark about her husband – she’s with him only because she had to maintain the image, isn’t she? I don’t like how Markus treats his son, but I can only imagine how hard it’ll be to stand up and rebel. Also being cut off of family’s founds – that’d be a shock for someone like Neil, but I’m sure he’d manage. I feel that the drastic measures are in order to attain a happiness and not ‘work himself to death’. Drama’s coming up, I know it (and wait for it). :D I looove how you write romantic scenes! Too bad that there’s always something coming up and separating Neil and MC. ^^

    That’s it for now. :D Thank you for your hard work and dedication in creating this story!

    • Whew, seems you played quite a lot! Thanks for spotting the Joselina error – I’ve since switched to never writing out her name anymore due to errors like these.

      As to your own questions:
      1. The list of clients is always 4 at a time, and it will always generate a new one after you complete one. It’s a list so that you can pick out which one you’d like to create, and which one to delete. But also because important clients can pop up.
      2. No, there no way to hide it, sorry. I don’t think I can implement a hide feature either. But, I hid the window myself during this scene with Dimitri and you have to click/press space to continue so you can check him out :)
      3. Everything about Alex will come to a conclusion near the end. There is a reason Dimitri is not just some cute kid you picked up from the streets to live with you after all – you need the family drama!

      Seems you’ve got quite a lot of gold and I need to scale back the rewards. In fact, I’ve got gold increase based on exp, and it caps out at 5000, which you’ve almost reached. So that means gold is too easy and I need to adjust some numbers. Thank you for thoroughly testing this though! :D I’m also glad you managed to create the clothing for the important clients, I was a bit worried people may not know which pattern to buy etc.

      I’m proud of Angela as well! Her story here is finished, now we need to see what becomes of Neil in the upcoming chapters ;)

      Thank you so much for playing and commenting! How about answering the original questions?

      Also, hah, just noticed you picked mostly the fierce answers. I guess you liked teasing poor Dimitri huh XD

      • Sure, filling the questionnaire right away. :D

        1. What is your gender and age?
        F and 25+ °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

        2. Where did you find out about Tailor Tales?
        Now when you mention it… I’m not sure. I tend to do ‘chain search’ – something gets mentioned somewhere or I notice it. Maybe someone told about it on tumblr?

        3. Is the art style appealing to you, or did it take some convincing?
        Your art style is very pretty – clean lines, animation and colouring. I like it :D

        4. Which (available) character is your favourite?

        5. What’s your favourite scene?
        So many. ^^ But for now the ‘fresh content’ and I’d say – Dimitri cheering up MC after her opening day. Neil and MC shopping and meeting the mother.

        6. What’s your favourite CG?
        Neil’s and MC first pic together xD I loved Neil’s expression hehehe

        7. Which character would you like to be available next?
        James, the grumpy carpenter.

        8. How many fierce points and how many kind points did you get at the end of each route?
        D: 8f, 1k (yes, I like making him blush); N: 27f, 6k (he deserves someone as fierce as him).

        9. How much tailoring experience and gold did you end up having at the end?
        Neil’s route: 4120exp, 72750g

        10. Was it difficult getting gold to purchase the chapters, or was it easy?
        I didn’t find it difficult, few ‘clients’ done and I’m reading next chapter.

        11. Was it difficult re-creating garments that were important clients? I.e. the masquerade dress, Angela’s dress, or the opera dress.
        No. But I like taking things apart and see the details, so maybe I’m not the best to answer that. :D

        12. Favourite aspect of the game?
        Business! Money! Romance! Characters! MC with relatable life problems! Writing! ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨ Eh, everything? :D

        Oh, and I have to ask: What is going on in Neil’s mind when he’s having his ‘hot and cold’ moments? I mean, he either panics and snaps on MC with something nasty or surprises a lot with his more gentle side. I’m curious, how he holds himself ‘inside’ when interacting with MC. And, do you find him difficult to write? How about Dimitri? :D

        • Thank you for answering! :)

          What’s going on in Neil’s mind … I will probably write a POV chapter from him at some point, but it can basically be summed up as this. A lot of the time he wants to say something nice, but his mouth just runs off and he says something nasty instead. He gets easily flustered and beats himself up for it all of the time.

          Neil is an easy character to write, but his story doesn’t come as natural to me as for example, Dimitri’s. Aiden, Caine and Dimitri are the easiest for me to write, with the hardest being James which I haven’t even attempted to write yet.

  6. You posted new demo so soon, I haven’t been expecting it at all! What a nice surprise – I have a free weekend, so I will definitely give it a go and write something here. Thank you and have a nice day ^^

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