What is Tailor Tales?


What exactly is this Tailor Tales?

Tailor Tales is an otome game, or otoge for short. Otome game means “maiden game” – it is a genre targeting women and girls, usually involving romance. Tailor Tales is a game where you can design clothes and read romantic stories about several men while playing as a woman.

You take the role as Joselina Hearth – the main character whose name is changeable – who has just opened her own boutique and wishes to make her own clothing. Each story of the eligible bachelor is unique (no common route), and are divided into chapters. These chapters will be available for you to read if you earn enough money to pay for them by designing clothes for clients.

There are currently 6 planned bachelors, with only one being released at a time. Each bachelor has two endings, a Passionate ending and an Innocent ending. The ending is determined by the choices you make in your playthrough – remember that are are no bad endings, and you should choose based on your own personality and what you feel is best for you. Neither ending is the true ending.

After finishing a story, you can simply retain all of your progress, items, and gold, and go towards the next available bachelor to read his story.

There will hopefully be continuous updates on Tailor Tales, adding clothing items and chapters for the bachelors.

43 thoughts on “What is Tailor Tales?

  1. Wow… I wanted to do a little game pretty similar. No fox side story, but a you’d be a girl running a boutique in a town just outside a bigger city where there’s a fashion magazine, romancing boys. I was going to have different places in town where they provide yarn, etc, that you could dye and create with.

    Well… great minds, you know…

  2. I’m a fan of Harvest Moon and when I saw Tailor Tales was similar I became interested. I can’t wait till it is complete.
    Do you have specific date yet for its release or is it still that much in development that it’s release is still unclear?

  3. Hi, sorry I’m posting this on here but I don’t know where else to put it… So here. Well, I downloaded the Beta file 1.0 [With RP] and I downloaded WinRAR and I extracted the files.. But I don’t know what to do next. Sorry, I’m new to this… Please reply.

  4. :( I can’t play because when I download it, it just pops up a window that says ‘View Downloads – Internet Explorer’ And when I click open or save on Tailor Tales, it just opens an internet explorer and a few seconds later a pop-up says there’s something wrong with it and click ‘ok’ to terminate and ‘cancel’ to debug. :( I was really looking forward to this but now I don’t know what to do. :(

    • That’s because Tailor Tales isn’t finished yet, and cannot be played. I’m not quite sure what the hell you’re downloading since there’s nothing to download.

  5. This is basically one of the most awesome games that I have seen in my entire ten years of living. Though it’s not appropriate for my age, I look forward to playing this. Take that, mom. >:D

    Too bad I can’t play it. It’s not the game, it’s my computer. But I would seriously consider downloading it in an internet cafe, just so I could play it, even if I have to use all my savings, which is approximately two thousand pesos in my country, which I earned over the past few years. I don’t care if I got arrested – I just wish you a whole bucket of luck and you really inspire young children – like me.

  6. I’m sooo looking forward to this game!!! I really like harvest moon <333 I have already subscribed to your post at Lemma Soft Forum :D Keep up the good work!! Ganbatte!!

  7. I just discovered this project today. I can’t tell you how awesome and impressive I think that this is! Really, way to go! I’m 20, and have been playing Harvest Moon games since I was 5, but I always found the dialogue a bit lacking, and fairly shallow. Your game (From what I’ve read in your posts) seems to not only satisfy this, but go above and beyond what I ever would have expected from a game that isn’t affiliated with a major company. Seriously, this is brilliant. I will be following with interest from this point on!

  8. Hey there. I found your project via another project I’ve been following/contributing to for a few years. The project developer linked your work to the rest of us to help spread the word.

    I gotta say, I really dig your style! It reminds me of Harvest Moon, obviously, but you also have a bit of Chrono Trigger-era Squaresoft and a bit of Terranigma-era Enix in there, as well. Really digging it! Very distinct. :)

    Also, I dig the effort you’re putting in as a developer. Most people don’t realize that making a game isn’t the same as writing a story or a visual novel. Keeping an eye on this.

  9. Do you have to download Tailor tales because it is awesome but I need to know how do you het the play it.

  10. (No need to read this since this is pretty long. xD)

    First Pretty Ore, now Tailor Tales? Amazing.

    I think I’m falling in love with the concept of the game: “romance game similar to Harvest Moon, but with a lot more emphasis on the romance.” What I love about Tailor Tales is the originality and uniqueness. I’m lalala-loving each of its features! And although the gameplay may seem similar as HM (i.e. wooing bachelors), it is different in its own way. ^_^

    It’s generous of you to make this game “100% free forever” since most of the RPG games I play are at cost. I swear, my heart warmed seeing the first answered question. :’)

    I like how Tailor Tales isn’t endless. Playing HM up to year 43 was obviously very boring. Also the artwork is fantastic! It reminds me of the Aveyond series, but more “cuter.” Have you played that?

    Reading the F.A.Q answered nearly all of my questions, thankfully. But two questions of mine weren’t answered: I know it’s not a farm, but is the main character going to have a pet? I mean, they don’t need to feed him/her, but in HM, you could show your dog/puppy around and gain/lose affection points. It may seem stupid, I know. xD But I was just curious. This is mainly a question, part suggestion of mine.

    Also, would there be “random events”? Like, just walk into a room at an according time and day and you will trigger an event? If not, it would be nice if there was, but of course, you don’t have to since it’s too much of a hassle to create random events. c(:

    Thank you for reading this, if you did. xD And don’t give up on this game. It seems really interesting, and it would kill all of your fans to know that you’ve given up. Lol.

  11. I love Harvest Moon so much! And I think “Pretty Ore” is the best fanimation,also I’m currently playing HM:MFoMT married to Gray,but only recently I’ve read that you can sell stuff to Won,Is it too late for me to play Won’s apple game and sell him stuffs?

  12. Just curious with the custom graphics as you did which are absolutly stunning. Did you replace the old RPG maker VX tileset with your own? And this game I am absolutly looking forward to. This graphics are beautiful great story. I simple just can’t wait!

    • I didn’t replace any tiles, I am purely using ‘pictures’, aka parallax mapping. Gives me a lot more freedom, but it does sometimes presents an issue when you’re limited to a 32×32 grid.

  13. will there be any cheats or easter eggs in the game like something relating to harvest moon or a secret cheat that can let you have lots of money?

  14. when you finish this game
    will you provide a walkthrough for us?
    I’m not really good with heart events.

    • When I release the game, I will release a walkthrough alongside it. I don’t want to be bombarded with questions when people are stuck, so yes, there will be a walkthrough :)

  15. This game looks truly interesting, I love the way all the features look/sound unique and there is a ‘mission’ within the story. Plus, romance is always what drew me to the Harvest Moon games, so this is my cup of tea.

    I have a question though, the fox is the secret bachelor, as I understand. But the features didn’t seem to make it clear (or maybe I missed it, I’m trippy like that)if he (the fox) will also have heart events, as to clue you in on which heart level you currently have him in.

    Or will that be a secret as well, to make it all the more mysterious?

    • The fox will have heart events as well, he just won’t have a heart indicator like the rest of the bachelors do. There’s also a few things you must ‘do’ before you can propose to him as well, which is explained in the comments of the FAQ section.

  16. Aw, I really was looking forward to playing this game, but seeing as I have a mac only…Well, yeah. ;_; Still though, this looks like an awesome game! Will we be able to customize the name of our character player?

  17. is it for pc only? my pc crashed and we have a mac now :/ in two years when i go off to college i will be getting a pc though. will it only run on pc?

  18. Hi, i am a fan of your creations and i am making a game in the rpg maker xp and i want your email for talk and learn more of tailor tales and rpg maker.
    I want you help me please.

  19. I want to play Tailor Tales now!!! I have a feeling that it will be exciting!!!

    It is so amazing you build a game all by your self!!!
    I watched your fanimation on YouTube. I think “Pretty Ore” has a good story.
    Way to go ILoveMyMatty!!!

  20. I’ve read/watched your Graire fanfic(slash)episodes and I’m probably not the first to say that your skills are amazing :D

    I’ll be looking forward to “Tailor Tales” (love “Harvest Moon” and related plot/romance/etc. ^///^).

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