Tailor Tales beta 1.4

Tailor Tales v 1.4 - Screenshot 6

Tailor Tales v 1.4 - Screenshot 22

Download 1.4 on Itch.io.

– Music has been replaced (with a couple of exceptions)
– Fixed a bug where you couldn’t complete random clients sometimes
– Fixed a bug in Outfit with the trash icon appearing on the remove icon
– Added in more important clients
– Added in the Decorate option
– Overhauled the menu, you can now re-read chapters and switch characters much more smoothly
– The game autosaves after using Design & Outfit, and will ask you if you want to save after each chapter
– A few graphical updates to certain characters
– There are now bundles for colours and patterns, so you don’t have to buy them one by one anymore. Just look for Bundles in the shop
– Neil’s chapters 26 and 27 for both Passionate and Innocent were added
– Dimitri’s chapter 7 added
– 3 new CGs
– Several new backgrounds
– More patterns added
– Several new shoes
– Several new hairstyles
– Backgrounds now blur whenever a character is up close to you
– Added another special effect for backgrounds (fog)
– Added the option to select white hair for CGs
– Gold adjustments. It’s easier to earn money now and chapters won’t have a huge spike when changing characters anymore.

Alright, lots of things were added! Sorry for the delay, it was a big update.

In this update, the game will ask you to save after completing a chapter, and it will autosave after you come out of Design or Outfit. While people like manually saving, too many people were forgetting to save, so I needed a solution. I feel like this is the best of both worlds. The autosave on Design & Outfit is forced because otherwise the game might get errors due to people creating/deleting clothes and then exiting the game without saving.


The option to decorate your boutique has finally been added! You can buy furniture, wallpaper and flooring in the shop. Click the Decorate option to change your boutique. This background will show up in the story! Speaking of backgrounds, they will now blur whenever a character is up close to you. It’s a subtle effect, but I like it :)

Menu overhaul

The previous menu was very buggy (especially with CGs), but it should now work a lot better. You can now select which chapter you want to re-read (if you’ve unlocked them). 1.3.1 Beta players will have all of the previous beta chapters unlocked. You can also change the MC’s appearance and name as well at any point in your playthrough.

Neil’s ending
We’re here! Neil’s route was released in late February, and now, we’ve finally reached his ending. Chapter 26 and chapter 27 have two versions: Passionate and Innocent. Whatever your Fierce or Kind points were, that’s what ending you’ll read. The game will ask if you’d like to read the other ending, for those that are completionists and want to see all of the CGs. Remember you’ll still have to pay for it or complete important client’s requests. This update does not include the epilogue! That would be the final chapter for Neil.

Other notes

With all of these additions Tailor Tales is very close to demo status, or should I say, to completed status? As soon as Neil’s route is finished, and all the major features are included in the game – the only thing that’s left are adding in other routes, and updating the game with more clothing items. This also means your save files can be imported from the previous build – no more losing your progress!

Of course, the game won’t be officially complete until all 6 guys have been added, but I basically consider them add-ons. I will look into creating an updater for the game so you can import updates whenever one is available, so that you won’t lose your in-game progress.

Thank you to everyone who’s been following Tailor Tales and supporting it, it means a lot to me.

1.4 coming in November!

I really tried getting a release for October, but I misjudged my own timings a bit. Neil’s chapters were being beta read so I had some downtime and figured I could still make it in time, but alas, it doesn’t seem like I can make that deadline.

So 1.4’s release will be in November. It will include both of Neil’s endings, and chapter 7 of Dimitri. In total that’s about 20k words.

Bear with me!

Re-reading chapters

Tailor Tales v 1.4 - Screenshot 33

Tailor Tales v 1.4 - Screenshot 35

Re-reading chapters now work as intended! If you’ve unlocked a chapter, you can re-read it at any time, regardless of which route you’re on. Re-reading chapters does not affect your current progress such as the chapter or character you’re on, or your fierce/kind points.

You can also decide to re-start the route from that point on so that you switch routes (in case you were on a different character) and so that your kind/fierce points matter (they don’t matter when re-reading chapters). This means you don’t need to grind all the way from chapter 1 to chapter 25 to get the second ending, in case you want both endings.

Getting both endings should be easy enough; the game will automatically ask you if you want to start at chapter 25 again to read the second ending after completing the first ending. You can choose no and always go back to re-read the chapter again to get the second ending!

You may notice the button “Side stories” – these will be unavailable, as they’re meant for future updates in case I’ll ever add more stories!

Still working hard on overhauling the menu so that all the options work and there are no more bugs :)

1.4 coming out in October

Just a small update letting you know I’m planning on releasing the next update in October, which includes Neil’s ending!

Progress is a bit slowed down because I’m having the last chapters be beta-read so that I can release something a bit more fine tuned. Once those chapters are ready to go, I can add them to the game, which will take several days.

I’m also working on overhauling the menu so that it’s easier to read previous chapters and switch characters. There will be an auto-save system that saves the game after you exit out of the Design process, and the game will ask for a manual save after each chapter now as well. Lots of new stuff!

See you in October girls!

Blurry background

Just a neat and subtle feature I added; backgrounds now get blurred when the character is close to you.

Tailor Tales v 1.4 - Screenshot 22Tailor Tales v 1.4 - Screenshot 15

I quite like it! It make you focus more on the sprite.

I’m still hard at work for the next update. My to-do list is:

– Finish 4 more backgrounds
– Finish 2 more CGs
– Add Neil’s chapter 26 & 27
– Add Dimitri’s chapter 7
– Overhaul the main menu … maybe

Neil’s story complete

Neil’s story was complete a long, long time ago. But that was only one ending, I had to write the second one still.

It took a while to get me motivated enough to pull through it, but I managed to write the second ending and both of them are the same in length. Neil’s story clocks out at 86k words, though one play-through should result in about 80k words.

Tailor Tales does not have any bad or true endings – there is only the Passionate Ending and the Innocent Ending, which you’ll get depending whether or not you had more fierce or kind points.

Both endings should conclude the story in a different way, and for Neil’s story, each ending is about 7400 words. This is divided into chapter 26 and chapter 27. What is different between the endings, you ask?

Mostly, it’s how the guy will treat you based on your treatment of him. Have you been nothing but kind to him, he’ll mellow out some more and take charge. Have you been nothing but fierce to him, you’re the one taking charge and he sometimes gets a little heated with you.

Anyways, each ending should feel like a natural progression of your choices.

Since Neil’s story is complete now, I’ll have to finish up the new backgrounds, as well as two ending-exclusive CGs.

Beta 1.4 should include both endings, but I’m still undecided whether or not to add the short epilogue as well, considering that also has a planned CG, and that’s quite a lot of work.

Cover art


Tailor Tales finally gets its cover art! Took me a couple of weeks to finally finish since each of them is basically an entirely new sprite I had to make. It’s also high res, in case I ever want to start handing out posters and whatnot.

Accompanying the cover art is a fresh coat of paint for the blog as well as the itch.io page.

Anyways, back to bug testing and writing Neil’s Innocent ending!

Saving the game

Tailor Tales runs on a single save file.

The idea is that you keep progressing your game, working on one route at a time, earning money from clients, making more clothes, and gathering as many clothing parts as you can from the shops. When one route is finished, you simply switch on over to the next one, keeping all of your progress with you. Since chapters cost money, they will scale with you as well. You save the game whenever you want to quit playing, or feel like it’s a good point to go back on.

The biggest issue: people aren’t saving their game. In Tailor Tales, you have to manually save the game by going into your settings. A large amount of people have apparently never touched this option, and then opened up the game again with all of their progress simply, lost.

I’ve already had an error occur because someone deleted some clothing from their game, forgot to save, then opened the game again and the user was unable to continue because the game was looking for a piece of clothing that didn’t exist anymore.

An easy solution to this is auto save. It’ll save the game after X amount of time, or after you’ve done X action. This way, people who are a bit forgetful, will always have their progress saved. The downside is; the player cannot choose to save anymore. I know there were some people that would save before each chapter, pick certain options to see what the difference is, then replay the chapter and choose the other options. A valid way to play, of course.

With auto save, you cannot do that anymore. Although a reminder: you can always re-read a chapter that you’ve unlocked (so if you’ve read it, then you can re-read it), in case you’re scared of not being able to read it again.

So I ask you all; would you rather have an auto save feature implemented, or manual save?


The one main feature missing from all of the previous beta builds is the ability to decorate your boutique.

I’ve been working hard on making it reality, and it should hopefully be released in the next update!

Some screenshots:

Tailor Tales v 1.3.1 - Screenshot 20Tailor Tales v 1.3.1 - Screenshot 21

Your furniture will also be able to change to something to your liking, though I haven’t quite yet made any of those furniture pieces yet!

Decorating your boutique is purely visual and isn’t required to progress further in your game. Your boutique does pop up in your main menu, as well as in the story itself, so that’s always fun.

Changes to your boutique will not be reflected in the CGs (don’t kill me, please).


Also, guys, I made a poll to see which character I should add in next. It doesn’t help both Caine and Aiden are neck-and-neck. I need a winner! That said, I’m happy to see Aiden garnering some votes :D

If there’s no clear winner, it’ll be whoever has more of the script finished.

Next character to be added

I’ve finished up Caine’s plot outline (much like Aiden, he’s at the “cut up character art” stage), and I’ve been writing some scenes for him, he’s at 22k words at the moment, 1/4 of the way there.

Both Caine and Aiden are the runner up for the next character to be added. I will not focus on either of them for the time being, as I want to be able to finish up one route at a time (Dimitri being an exception because I wanted to show people two different characters in Tailor Tales). However, I do want to add their first chapter as a preview of what’s to come.

Eventually once Dimitri’s route is done, I will focus on either Caine or Aiden.

Sorry, fans of James, he’s probably going to be dead last.

Anyways, I’ll let you decide: which character should be added next? Caine or Aiden?


A quick run down of the characters and their routes.

Caine is a classic tsundere with a foul mouth. If you like to bicker and kiss to make up with your guy, then Caine is right up your alley. He’s probably the most dramatic out of all routes, and has the most chemistry with the MC. Caine’s route deals with bullying, and can get pretty damn steamy.

He’s a bit of a special case because he presents himself one way online, but in real life, Aiden is a blubbering mess. If you enjoy seeing nerdy characters and like to take charge and maybe even bully them, then Aiden is your guy. Aiden’s route deals with social anxiety, lots of awkward and hilarious moments to be found.

My personal favourite is Aiden, but probably because I love writing him and he’s got like the best ending out of them all.

At the moment, I’ve been writing some more scenes, drawing a cover art, and working on adding the decoration function to the game. You can finally decorate your own boutique, yay!

Oh, and I’ve updated Neil’s, Caine’s and Aiden’s sprites a tiny bit. Neil now looks more like his CGs.