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  1. Hi Celianna! This might be irrelevant to this section, but I didn’t know where else to put this question. You have said before that you can tailor your own wedding dress. Is there a way for you to make different styles of wedding dresses/weddings to make ‘their big special day’ just that more special and memorable? I think it would be a great addition and a lot of fun. Like being able to have a ‘backyard wedding’ or have a princess gown as your wedding dress. :P

  2. It would be awesssume if There Could be a Pet Store And We could Buy a Pet .3. But its a Little Too late for that Lolz >w<

  3. Heh, at first when I saw this I did think it’d be a lot like a Harvest Moon. But after reading more (almost all I could find about it actually) I realized that I was much more happily anticipating this than any harvest moon game. This one actually has a prominent plot– something the majority of HMs lack. I wish you the best of luck with absolutely amazing project(:

  4. Next to all the bachelors it says “marriageable”, but there’s a spelling error next to James: it says marrigbeable!

    XD just thought I’d point that out.

  5. I am just in LOVE with the graphics. Can’t wait for it to be completed, but take your time of course :3

    Btw, I got this idea, and I hope that you don’t mind considering it. I was thinking, that when the player gets married, it’d be a cool feature if there was a pic along with the event. Kind of like you did in that hugging scene in Pretty Ore. For example:

    Maybe you can make a different wedding picture for each of the bachelors? It’s okay if you don’t wanna do it, I just thought that this would be a really cute addition. ^_^

  6. I CANNOT wait for this to come out. I check up weekly just to see how the game is coming along!! I’m so excited.
    Do you have a prediction on the release date for this?
    (You’ve been getting things done so quickly, so I figure a raw estimate would just be nice.)
    Thanks a lot, and I can’t wait to play! :D

  7. i’ve been following ur work for quite some time now and i am really amazed at the speed u r finishing this game. i mean its been like 2-4 years since u announced this (i dont know if i got the years ryt) considering the fact that as u have said u only have a few people help providing u with the pieces u need
    i have read a few of reviews people leave with u and i must say i agree with some of them

    it might be nice to have a game that allows u o choose ur character gender but as i have read u dont to so maybe it might be better if u make a guy version of tailor tales with the same system (backgrounds and all) but with bachelorettes that are like the girl versions of the five current bachelors

    also the review about the mini game is also an awesome touch to the game, maybe u can consider about using the magic system u developed so u need to go to the witch and request a magic battle between ur bachelor rival
    might be good twist to the game but its up to u

    played the game and am really satisfied with the graphics and weather system
    its pretty good
    u dont need to change anything, im just hoping u might consider it

  8. WHOA! You are…just too amazing for words. Seriously, you worked so hard on the guys LAST profiles, and now you’ve brought out even hotter versions!? Just awesome. They look a lot more mature, which is TONS better. ‘Cause I’m all for the explicit version ;D.

    Great Job on the designs! I’m a little curious to see if any of the other villagers looks have changed, especially those two kids.

    If they haven’t, then I’ll just leave it to my imagination to see their new look~

  9. Hey im just asking can you put all the bachelors have rivals that they will marry and a mini game that involves you and that rival in getting the attention of the bachelor just asking would that happen to make the game more challenging and a rival for the fox too

  10. Hello, I just found this game. I’m a girl.. Heyhey i know it’s weird to ask this.. LOL, but I want to ask, is the main character only girls? No guy version as the main character..? I don’t like how it’s just for girls. It’s like when I played Harvest moon, I have to be a guy.. LOL. Like a MUST MUST. I can’t be a girl at all. So maybe guys can play too? To be relevant to this game too.. ;c.? Not sure.. but yea. Maybe they wanted to play too?

    Well, last but not least. I thank you for your effort for making this game for us ;D. You’re awesome! Keep up the good work <3 I'm looking forward to this. It's very interesting. CAN'T WAIT. c: ..

    • Yes you can only play as a girl, and you can only marry guys. In an ideal world I’d have both genders, as well as both bachelors and bachelorettes, but I’m a one-man-team and just making 5 guys datable is already a huge task. Adding more, and I would simply never even attempt to make it.

      Combined with the fact that are are literally no other dating games in which you have an overworld sprite and you can date guys as a girl (visual novels are a whole different story), I decided to keep the main characters girls with only guys that you can marry.

  11. Hey, I know that this is probably totally unrelated to this post, but I had no idea where else to ask, so here I go:

    I remember you saying something about putting voices into the game. Now that you’re totally revamping the game and making it anew, I was wondering if you were still going to do that, and when the voice casting will take place. I find it a very interesting addition to the game, so I’m just hoping that you won’t remove it :)

  12. When they get married, will there be an actual wedding? or do they just wake up the next day married?

  13. i HAVE A BIG QUESTION!!: is The Game Released yet pleas THIS LOOKS REALLY AWESOME!!! pleas tell me if it releases yet

    • No, it’s not even anywhere close to being released.

      Please check back every once in a while because I post my progress on the blog, so you can be up-to-date :)

    • Well, I never made it a secret that he was O_o

      He’s the 5th bachelor, and yes you can marry him. Though that means you’ll marry him at the end of year 3, so you don’t really experience marriage with him since the game will end afterwards.

      • Ah really? That’s kind of a let down, kind of like in Harvest Moon Magical Melody if you play as a girl and marry Jamie the game ends after marriage unlike with the other guys. You never get to know your hubby after marriage, all those cute little lines of how much they love you, life is so-and-so with you, and those little embarrassing confessions of love they never dared tell you while you were just “dating”.

        But I was wondering, is Fox like a special bachelor? Like Kappa was in MFoFT or the more recent Amir from GB? Will he have his own speical wedding or heart events or even just random events?

  14. you are awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome. have i just mentioned that you are awesome? i have? well, just so you know, you’re awesome. ^^

  15. hii sorry 4 asking but i REALLY TRULY want 2 play this and is wondering if your almost dune? like maybe you could reply the %? thanks a bunch!! i hope i dont rush you :O Please if possible answer soon!

  16. Roy and James!! Ohhh, gahh drool. :D

    I’ve just saw Tailor Tales and man, this is amazing. You’re amazing for making your own game. I wish you the best! <3

  17. So, Celianna-Chan.
    Where can we play this?
    – Game Advance-
    – Nintendo DS-?

    I just wanna know if we should buy it or we can play it online…
    I wish we could buy it from you so that we could repay you for this wonderful Game.

    P.S: I’m a no. 1 FAN of yours. :] Till next time!

  18. Omg, I really can’t wait to play this…

    I love to write stories and after I play this…I might just write one about the game. I’ve written a few about Harvest Moon and this looks like a good topic to write about…just for fun. :)

    Can’t wait to play!! <3<3

  19. Great bachelor descriptions, and DETAIL! Oh, God, I LOVE the detail! I can’t even stop looking over Bill, he’s so good!<–(trying not to sound like a pedophile) Really, keep it up. I'll keep telling my friends about this.

    • you can’t play any further than year three because seeing as celianna is creating different dialogue for every day/week (^^ i forget) it’d be far too much work for her to create a game that lasts forever unless you prefer boring, bland dialogue that barely changes.
      i think this question is answered somewhere in FAQ.

      • um…yeah.
        “You can not continue indefinitely as you probably do not understand the way the engine works. Let me explain; I have to literally plan out every day and every season and every year for the game to run properly. Then I have to make this work in this actual game itself and get everything running smoothly without glitches. Planning 3 years will be my limit, I’ll go nuts having to do more than 3, which is why the game will end at 3 years.”
        (Celianna says this down the page somewhere ^^)

  20. being quite frank here i don’t like the characters portraits that much roy’s eyes seem too big and his and james hair seem strange, james’ neck is too thick and short, same with calvin’s neck and eyes too, most of them share this problem as well as shoulder problems that i can’t put my finger on, as for my suggestions… i know that this will only be 3 years in length but you should put a cliff hanger at the end like having the heroin become preggy at the end or having some strange event happen that fangirls will be compelled to write epic fan fiction over or even a loving event with your hubby i hope these character designs arn’t finale that is my biggest concern

    till next time

    • The character designs are final, but I might adjust a little bit here and there every once in a while.

      And I will definitely not get the main girl pregnant. Cliffhanger or not, the game ends when the fox returns into a human, and that’s it.

      • I kinda liked the cliff hanger idea but not to have the protagonist pregnant something cool and the art is nice too but their eyes are too big and the neck on calvin and james are weird too

      • Celianna, the character designs look great, and I don’t think you should change it. Especially James, mmmh :3
        Looking forward to see the final product.

  21. Wonderful looking game, can’t wait till it’s out.
    Okay but I have a question if you don’t mind.
    So I know you have to get married by at least year 2, but is there anything else worth playing for after you get married?? Because even harvest moon, after you get married, it’s boring without heart events or something, you probably after you get married in harvest moon, wait to get the kid, but since there’s no child system, is there any interesting stuff to do after you get married?
    Besides the fox at the end of year 3.

  22. Hey I just thought of something… what happens to Roy’s cats if you marry him? I don’t think he would just up and leave them. What happens to them?! Do you get to keep them?

  23. Hey! I just wanted to say that I love how original your characters are, and that you’ve worked out all these cool systems and everything for them!

    But I was thinking about it, and was just wondering, do you absolutely HAVE to get married before the game ends after Year 3? Or is it possible to simply play through the game, while continuously raising the affections of everyone?
    I ask this, because I know that I personnally like the chase, and viewing the events of all the characters I can, but then I also remembered that in Harvest Moon: A(nother) Wonderful Life, the character with the highest affections for you will show up at your house on Spring 1, Year 2 and ask you to marry them if you do not select someone yourself.
    Is Tailor Tales going to follow this same format, or will marriage be an optional thing?

    • Marriage is a requirement after 2 years. The last year will be spent in marriage with your chosen bachelor.

      You can not continue indefinitely as you probably do not understand the way the engine works. Let me explain; I have to literally plan out every day and every season and every year for the game to run properly. Then I have to make this work in this actual game itself and get everything running smoothly without glitches. Planning 3 years will be my limit, I’ll go nuts having to do more than 3, which is why the game will end at 3 years.

      I would also suggest not trying to raise affections with everyone, unless you’re trying to win over the fox, bachelors can get jealous :) but that’s why there are 4 save files you can use.

  24. Is there going to be some sort of Heart Indicator included on each bachelor? Or just the number of Affection Points? Either way, I’m really excited for this game!

  25. this game your making looks so cool. It must be hard making one. I always wanted to make a game about wolves ….. I like wolves ok. anyways good luck with your game oh is this going to be a game we can play online or do we have to buy it. U think u said somthing about that but I cant find it.

  26. This is going to be good, I can tell , I’m curious to know how the fox is going to look like when he was a human. Anyways, all the best..

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