Aiden Jager


Aiden Jager

Age: 23
Height: 182cm (6’0)
Job: streamer/IT support
Tropes: shy, anxiety, easily scared, wimp, over dramatic
Themes: online romance, catfishing, PUA, confidence issues, video games

Aiden is addicted to playing a MOBA game. He meets you on this game, and together as you party up he flirts with you constantly and you spend many late nights talking to each other. He’s friendly to everyone, but seems to have taken a special liking to you.

When a gamecon is coming up that you intend to attend to cosplay as your favourite character, you suggest to meet up with Aiden there. However, Aiden keeps pushing it off and making excuses. That is, until you run into him by pure accident, and you find out… he’s not who he said he is!?

Were you catfished? Is his profile picture even real?