Dimitri Kotov


Dimitri Kotov

Age: 19
Height: 184cm (6’1)
Job: college student/part timer at a cat cafe
Tropes: younger brother, megane, cinnamon roll, blushes easily, very domestic
Themes: domestic life, slow-burn romance, family tension, bullied past, childhood friend

During a rainy day when you’re 17, you meet Dimitri taking shelter from the rain as well. He’s kind and lends you his vest. Years later when you’re 20 you meet Dimitri again… but he’s the younger brother of your college boyfriend! It shocks you to find out Dimitri is actually 4 years younger than you. Your boyfriend cheats on you, so you break up with him. You lose contact with Dimitri as well.

When you open up your boutique, there’s a spare bedroom you don’t know what to do with. Luck has it you come across Dimitri who is going to college and looking for a room to rent. You offer to let him stay at your place instead. Dimitri eagerly accepts to live at your home and cook and clean for you!

Tailor Tales 1.6.1 - Screenshot 65
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